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Our Community Board, which is YOUR Community Board, has been busy as usual. Here is an update on a couple of our recent projects.

To do our job well, we continue to emphasise and encourage COMMUNICATION. Whether you, the readers are ratepayers, residents or visitors, we love to hear from you! Over the past few months, we have been developing some plans to make this easier.

So as you browse through other pages of this excellent publication, look out for our ‘ENGAGEMENT SURVEY’… and send us your answers. You can use the copy in the STAR or complete a simple online version. In this survey we are looking for feedback on ‘town beautification’; a rather old-fashioned term meaning ways to make Martinborough a lovely place. The Board has some ideas and some funds, but of course wants to do things that you would like.

The survey is only one way for you to let us know your ideas, niggles and (hopefully) praise! We are developing other methods; meanwhile our members are always available to lend an ear.

FOOTPATHS and ‘crossings’ – I discovered these are where the footpaths meet the road – are due for repairs in many cases; some of the Council’s roading budget is to be diverted for this. Pam Colenso and I recently ‘covered the town’ and completed a survey, which proved to be great fun. Using a large map, we marked each of the 154 crossings plus relevant footpaths, noted which needed work, and produced a report outlining a suggested priority order. The Board had also received some correspondence from locals on this issue, so that can be considered in any decisions. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as we know; but we are anticipating some action in the near future. It’s up to the Council, of course, which holds the purse strings.

WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE. You don’t need reminding about a lot of rain recently; this was a significant event. We have received heaps of feedback from people and passed this on to the Council. Communication was not perfect, and the Board is working with Council to improve information on road closures and the need for effective diversion signage next time – there will certainly be one!

The proposed Wairarapa Councils’ amalgamation is still very much to the fore. Whatever is the final outcome, Community Boards will continue to be important and possibly even more so. We are committed to represent you, so once again – KEEP IN TOUCH.

Maree Roy

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