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LIFE FLIGHT’S Westpac Rescue Helicopter has flown to the Wairarapa eight times this month (between 1 Apr and 25 Apr). Six of the responses were for urgent medical reasons, including the urgent transfer of a newborn baby in an incubator. The other two were accident responses – a car accident and a quad bike accident.  

STATISTICS gathered by Stats NZ showed that the Fire Brigade is the most trusted organisations in New Zealand. Followed by Maritime NZ and DOC. The criteria included social responsibility, reliability and believability.

RESEARCHES at Carnegie University studying world wide between Instagram use between January and June 2016 found that during that period seventy three people had fatal accidents while trying to take selfies.

OVER THE last decade fewer than 100 American have been killed by Jihadists, whereas in the period more than 130,000 have died in run-of-the-mill gun violence.

FOUR MODEST Auckland homes had, between them been sold twenty five times in six years. One investor made $60,000 in flipping the house on in the same day as he had purchased it.

THE FIRST person to be killed by a car was Bridget Driscoll who stepped out in front of Arthur Edsall’s speeding Roger-Benz in 1896. Edsall was doing a reckless 6.4 kilometres and hour.

THE SCIENTIFIC community is still trying to clone sheep. Great. Just what we need sheep that look more alike.

THE BRITISH LIONS rugby players will each be paid seventy thousand pounds ($125,000) for the tour plus a ten thousand pound ($17,864) bonus if they win the series. Total cost of the 37 player tour is $4,626,700 or $5,287,000 if a series win.

THE NZ MET SERVICE has sixty five metrologists working out the weather forecasts

THE CHINESE City of Guangzhou, which is slightly bigger than London, has 84,100 brightly coloured ‘share bikes’ available. Dubbed Uber bikes, these are now a feature of many cities with almost 350,000 now available in China.

‘SOME CAUSE happiness where ever they go. Others whenever they go’. –Oscar Wilde.

LAST YEAR ACC paid out four hundred and eighty million dollars in compensation for injuries sustained while undergoing treatment in New Zealand hospitals.

‘I FEAR for the day when technology surpasses our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots ‘ Albert Einstein.

The deadline for the June edition is 4pm Wednesday 31st May

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