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Martinborough Library first meeting of the Friends will be held on Wednesday 12 April at 5pm in the library.  Thank you to everyone who has registered an interest in joining.  This meeting is to discuss where we are going as a group and to get the Trust started.  We need two trustees so come prepared!  Meanwhile the fundraising is going strong. 
Our book bags are selling well – $4 each for home sewn fabric bags – what a bargain.  We have some staunch bag sewers who volunteer time, electricity and materials and who need a big round of applause.   They also need more cloth so please do a bit of de-cluttering and find some material for us.  Thanks so much.  I am now sewing lavender bags to order ($3 each), please let me know if you want some. 

We still have hundreds of books for sale, if you don’t see what you want outside on the sales trolleys, do ask as more are packed away in strategic holes within the library.  School holidays start at Easter for two weeks.  I am escaping for the first week to the relative calm of home decorating so I may be quite pleased to come back to the library for the second week. 

Despite the shortage of space in the library we will endeavour to put on an activity for the children in the second week.  At the moment I can’t think what it will be (any ideas and offers of help appreciated) but we will let you know closer to the time.   It does mean that Book Babies is on hold for those two weeks, starting again on 2nd May at 10.  Now run by the lovely Richmel there are bubbles, stamps and music – lots of fun.  Janet does miss the kiddiewinkies terribly but she is enjoying the challenges of the afternoon shift and it is always a pleasure to work with both ladies. 

Once again my thanks to our lovely band of volunteers who give up their time to do all sorts of odd jobs – some of them are very odd indeed, the jobs that is not the volunteers!   I am also on board (as a volunteer) for Boomerang Bags and these will be in the library soon. 

What isn’t in the library any more is the Martinborough Waiata group.  We just ran out of space, so it is now every Monday evening at 7pm at the Marae – thanks for Janet and Rita for running this.  Once again I have run out of space to witter, but just a quick reminder that we do have some jigsaws you can borrow for those long, cold winter evenings and even a few board games.  Have a great week and keep smiling.  Shirley
  Shirley Nightingale

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