The season is over for the Premier and Senior Reserve teams, and what a season it was! Our Premier team made it to the Tui Cup Final, our first final in 24 year years…the last time we won was 26 years ago! Unfortunately it was not to be the fairy …

Wharekaka benefits from delightful musical soirée

One reason Martinborough is such a great place to live is the amazing range of amenities we have, many of which are no longer available in other small New Zealand towns. Wharekaka Rest Home, run by locals for locals, is one of those treasures. With the recent upgrade to hospital-level …

‘Bikes for kids’ greatly appreciated

The Men’s Shed’s most successful project is “Bikes for Kids” which has been underway for several months. Thanks to the donations of bikes of all sizes from the community, over 30 bikes have been reconditioned to good working order and placed in schools and the Wairarapa Youth Program located in …

Helping Our Community Flourish

v We don’t want to be the hearse at the bottom of the cliff”, says Pam Shackleton the Practice Manager at Martinborough Health Centre. ‘We’d much prefer our patients to be happy and healthy and not coming to see us at all!’ With that in mind Pam is leading a …

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The Ref’s whistle

August 8, 2017 August 2017 Comments Off on The Ref’s whistle

Initially rugby matches were controlled by the referee shouting at the players when there was an rule infringement which was pretty hard on the refs’ larynx. In 1884 William Atack was refereeing such a match in Canterbury and suffering an extremely strained voice thought that there must be a better way. Putting his hand in his pocket he discovered his shepherd’s whistle and the solution was born.

He sought and received the player’s permission to try the whistle at the next match and so the first game played ‘to the whistle’ was held in Canterbury that year. The ideas soon caught on and was quickly adopted into the world rugby rules. It’s just a sham e that Atack didn’t take shares in a whistle factory.

The 2016 Household Incomes Report

August 8, 2017 August 2017 Comments Off on The 2016 Household Incomes Report

The Ministry of Social Development has released their annual income report based on Stats NZ and other data. The findings are very different to what many would have you believe. A summary:

median household incomes rose 3% in real terms last year

median household incomes have risen 3% (real) on average every year since 2011

New Zealand’s net gains from HES 2009 to HES 2016 are better overall than for many OECD countries (we had better income growth than most)

The share of income received by the top 1% has declined slightly from a peak of 9% in the mid 1990s and is lower than most OECD countries … Continue Reading

Ian will be greatly missed

August 8, 2017 August 2017 Comments Off on Ian will be greatly missed

Martinborough has lost one its its most colourful community minded characters, Ian Cresswell. He was a doer and a talker, you certainly knew where he stood on any issue but he didn’t just talk about it he would be out in the town gaining support for his latest scheme and there were many.

You’ll appreciate I don’t live in Martinborough but many people in the district knew Ian as I did because he was involved in so many things. I have had more than a few disagreements with him but as long as you were prepared to listen to his view he was happy, agreement was not compulsory. … Continue Reading

Call for a vote

August 8, 2017 August 2017 Comments Off on Call for a vote

The Local Government Commission have seen fit to proceed with a Final Proposal for the amalgamation of the three Wairarapa district councils into a single Wairarapa District Council.

There are two options:

Do nothing and the proposal will proceed

Petition for a poll to determine if the proposal for amalgamation will proceed

Wairarapa Voice Incorporated is pursuing option 2, petition the LGC for a poll to decide if the proposal will proceed. We have been checking out the process and the legal requirements of how to comply with the rules. Wairarapa Voice will be gathering signatures throughout the Wairarapa. … Continue Reading

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The season is over for the Premier and Senior Reserve teams, and what a season it was! Our Premier team made it to the Tui Cup Final, our first final in 24 year years…the last time we won was 26 years ago! Unfortunately it was not to be the fairy …

Junior Sport

U13 Boys Hockey The 2017 Wairarapa U13 Hatch Cup representative hockey team performed well at its first mini tournament in Stratford on the 12 and 13 August, securing wins over Manawatu, Wanganui and Horowhenua. The team is well represented by the South Wairarapa this year with Jarrod Yee, Hamish Kill, …


Two down and one to go, we are on the home straight with the season of Winter and for the first time in many years the dams and tanks are fill and the water tables have well and truly reached above the ground. you guessed, we’re ready for Spring! The …

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