Waihinga Centre

Packed to the Rafters. The new Waihinga Centre changes daily.  Installation of the exposed rafters is rapidly progressing.  Both rafters and plywood ceiling are one of the key features of the building. This is a key milestone. The high-level roof will be constructed first, and then the outside walls and …

War Memories

By Toni Pyl   Antonia Maria Pijl (Toni) was born in Holland in 1931. Her father was a mechanic and her mother a seamstress. Before settling in The Hague to raise a family of two girls, her parents lived in France for a few years and explored Europe on a …

Time to get out your walking gear

It’s here again, Around the Vines, your annual opportunity to walk, or if you’re super fit run, through seven  of Martinborough’s famous vineyards. So mark your calendar – Sunday 18th March. By offering four levels from a half marathon run to a leisurely 10km walk  Around the Vines certainly caters …

Bike to the Top

– Mountain biking for the Whole Family The return of the Martinborough Skyline Challenge on 15th April, 2018 will give the whole family a chance to experience mountain bike riding around the Martinborough hills on private local farmland. Set on the historic Huangarua, Puruatanga and Oystershell farms, the 4 courses …

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Hive on the move

March 19, 2018 March 2018 No Comments

Maybe you’ve noticed builders working in the former Keinzley Agvet building at 48 Jellicoe Street and wondered what was happening.   Well, here’s the story.

On April 4, just after Easter, Tracey Lindsay and the team at The Hive Chartered Accountants will be opening their new offices there.  “ It will give us a much better working space and with parking right outside it will be really convenient for clients.” … Continue Reading

 Janusian thinking

March 19, 2018 March 2018 No Comments

Janusian thinking is, for instance, having relentless positivity while being a pragmatic idealist. Having both these things combine opposites. This is a process known as Janusian thinking, named after Janus, a Roman God who has two faces, each looking in the opposite direction. Janusian thinking is the ability to imagine two opposites or contradictory ideas, concepts, or images existing simultaneously. Researchers have found geniuses resorted to this mode of thinking quite often in the act of achieving original insights.

 Community Board notes

March 19, 2018 March 2018 No Comments

Community Board notes

We are 16 months in to a three year triennium with a number of projects and areas of interest on the go at the moment including:

  • Repairs to the Cenotaph in Martinborough Square
  • Shade and seating at Martinborough Pool
  • Re establishment of the Considine Park Committee
  • Bike Stands for Martinborough Town in association with Martinborough Lionesses
  • Beautification of the electrical box in the Square with an ANZAC poppy design
    • Much of what we need and want to achieve needs Council approval, sometimes Council budget and often Council Officers’ time. We are working closely with Council to achieve progress in a number of areas and are looking forward to ticking off a few more projects in the next few months.

… Continue Reading

Community Garden news

March 19, 2018 March 2018 No Comments

With the seasons changing and the weather getting cooler the committee has been working towards an autumn/winter planting guide, this is to ensure that fresh veges are provided throughout the colder months. Carrots, onions, silverbeet, kale, leeks, cauliflower, beetroot and beans to name a few will be going into the garden, the perfect produce for hot soups and stews.  Watch out for ‘Soup Bags’ at the Larder in the coming months!

Our friends from Salvage Timbers on Norfolk Road have supplied us with 3 more raised garden beds. That gives us a total of 9 raised garden beds and makes our little garden not so little anymore! The extra additions will allow us to rest garden beds and help rejuvenate the soil without loosing precious planting space.

Keep an eye out on facebook for details of an upcoming ‘Start your own Garden’ workshop where we will show you how easy it is to create your own garden from start to finish, utilizing our newest garden beds. Planning is also underway for a Garden Harvest Festival in April, if you are not on facebook or did not come to the initial meeting in October last year, please email martinboroughgarden@gmail.com to sign up to our newsletter and make sure you are kept up to date with both upcoming events.

In other news, the Down To Earth Gardening Group visited the garden on Sunday 25th February and enjoyed their tour of the garden in spite of some windy weather.  A big thank you must go to the group for their generous donation, which helped us to purchase the latest garden beds.

Lastly, be sure to pop in and get your hands dirty if you have some free time on Wednesdays or Sundays from 10-noon, 51 Oxford Street. Happy gardening!


Golf news

November came and went pretty much without rain, finally the Course has dried out and that little dimpled ball is back running down the fairway, bringing a cheer to many who thought that the rain might never stop. The highlight of the month was the Women winning the Teams Stableford …

Martinborough Netball Club

Indeed while this year is almost over and this article slightly late, just to let you know what the season has been like for the Martinborough Netball Club. The Netball Premier Team moved up a grade this netball season from previous years having played in the Premier 2 grade. We …

Walking is a man’s best medicine. (Hippocrates)

SOUTH WAIRARAPA TRAMPING CLUB While crossing a busy intersection in Christchurch last week I spotted a banner sporting the message: WALK2freeTHE.MIND. This surely captures in a catch-phrase a credible philosophy. Throughout the decades numerous walking quotes have been recorded, many of which portray the physical and mental benefits of a …

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Martinborough is now on the international Dark Sky map with the recognition of the International …

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Seasonal Greetings The Waihinga Charitable Trust, the Fundraising Team and the Communications Team would like …

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All good gifts around us are sent from Heaven above Then thank the Lord, O …

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JOIN the PARTY … Relax … this is not a political message; for now, that’s …

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The Summer Reading Programme for the children has started and Roz informs me it is …


The Community Board has almost reached the end of a busy year, with its final …

Dear Dr Jane

Dear Dr Jane My husband is a farmer and I am worried that he is …

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