The season is over for the Premier and Senior Reserve teams, and what a season it was! Our Premier team made it to the Tui Cup Final, our first final in 24 year years…the last time we won was 26 years ago! Unfortunately it was not to be the fairy …

Wharekaka benefits from delightful musical soirée

One reason Martinborough is such a great place to live is the amazing range of amenities we have, many of which are no longer available in other small New Zealand towns. Wharekaka Rest Home, run by locals for locals, is one of those treasures. With the recent upgrade to hospital-level …

‘Bikes for kids’ greatly appreciated

The Men’s Shed’s most successful project is “Bikes for Kids” which has been underway for several months. Thanks to the donations of bikes of all sizes from the community, over 30 bikes have been reconditioned to good working order and placed in schools and the Wairarapa Youth Program located in …

Helping Our Community Flourish

v We don’t want to be the hearse at the bottom of the cliff”, says Pam Shackleton the Practice Manager at Martinborough Health Centre. ‘We’d much prefer our patients to be happy and healthy and not coming to see us at all!’ With that in mind Pam is leading a …

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Book Review Conclave

September 13, 2017 September 2017 Comments Off on Book Review Conclave

Writer Robert Harris chose a unusual setting for his latest thriller; the conclave at the Vatican to chose a new pope. Most people probably only have sketchy knowledge of Catholicism and even less on the procedure of choosing of a pope. The author went to considerable lengths to achieve authenticity, the acknowledgement list at the end showing he interviewed numerous church authorities including cardinals who had attended a conclave, also gaining permission to visit the usually off limit Sistine Chapel before commencing to write. So as well as being an entertaining read the book is very informative.
The story opens with the unexpected death of the pope and the scramble of Cardinals from all over the world to attend the conclave. The story follows Cardinal Lomeli, the Dean of the College of Cardinals, whose task is to organise the conclave and ensure that all the rules are kept. The book covers the seventy two hours that the conclave took to chose the new pope.
The cardinals pray that God will lead them to choose the right successor however His message is seemingly not coming through very clearly. The one hundred and eighteen cardinals soon form natural groupings, along with conservative and more liberal groupings there are also geographical and ones with special interest. They are all holy men but some have ambition – and rivals. And so the mystery develops as the factions lobby – and scheme.
The London Times describes Harris as the ‘ Master of the intelligent thriller’ and this book certainly lives up to this title. Who would have thought that a conclave of elderly cardinals could possibly be the background for a thriller? However this book has just that. Not a thriller with cops and guns and blood all over the place, but rather one with twists, turns and surprises, but all the time keeping realistic. Never did I think ‘oh, that’s a bit of a stretch’.
This is the first Robert Harris book I have read , but I’ll certainly be looking for some of his others .
Mike Beckett

Community Board notes

September 13, 2017 September 2017 Comments Off on Community Board notes

The role of the Community Board is to advocate on your behalf to Council to let them know what is happening locally and where there might be opportunities to improve or enhance the town and surrounding rural areas. We take this role very seriously and put a lot of work in to researching, analysing and submitting to the SWDC Annual and Long Term Plan processes.
We have been disappointed with the response to our recent Annual Plan submission. Most of our submission met a negative response from Council. This included our requests for a full review of the zoning and town boundary, increased annual budget for footpaths and crossings, Ultra fast Broadband for the library and Waihinga Centre as part of a joint initiative with the Medical Centre and local businesses, funding for the development of Considine Park as per the Management Plan for the park, the waiver of Council fees for community events such as Guy Fawkes and the Christmas Parade, an improved website and email database for improved communications with ratepayers and several other minor items. We were pleased to see Council support for free swimming and the allocation of some of this year’s roading budget to footpath maintenance.
We understand that the Council has few funds and wishes to minimise any rates increases however our area is experiencing a lot of growth and we have to respond to this – it is really important that we plan for growth and ensure that it happens in a positive way. We have a lack of housing and land available and it is our view that this needs to be addressed with some urgency. We urge the council to take the long term view – to prioritise a review of the district plan, policies and funding that will ensure our community has the resources is needs to grow positively.
It is very encouraging to see that Community Boards and Maori Standing Committee representatives have been invited to join Councillors in development of the Council’s Long Term Plan. We hope that this inclusive approach to Planning will deliver better outcomes for our communities and the district as a whole. Following the success of our recent Town Beautification survey we will be engaging widely with the Martinborough Ward community for input into the Long Term Plan. Please have your say and tell us what is important to you.
Your Martinborough Community Board members are Lisa Cornelissen (Chair), Victoria Read (Deputy), Fiona Beattie, Maree Roy, Cllr Pam Colenso and Cllr Pip Maynard.

Community Driver Mentor Programme

September 13, 2017 September 2017 Comments Off on Community Driver Mentor Programme

This is the second year that Kuranui students have participated in the Community Driver Mentor Programme. The programme is designed to allow students who do not have access to best practice driver training and who have already completed the learner phase of their licence, to independently gain their restricted licence and improve their levels of safe driving in a registered and warranted vehicle.
The programme, which for the students is entirely free, relies on generous sponsors and community volunteers. The volunteer mentors act as coaches supervising a range of practice driving experiences. They help our students to think about their driving and how they need to manage the vehicle, keeping their focus on what they need to practice. The students also undertake professional driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor 3 times during their learning programme.
Organisations helping to fund and operate the programme include: The Wairarapa Road Safety Council, Trust House foundation, District Councils, Southey Honda, Caltex Masterton, REAP Wairarapa, The Sign Factory, Julia Londa, Frazer Mailman, Greater Wellington Regional Council, Kuranui College support staff and Community Volunteers.

Councillor Comment

September 13, 2017 September 2017 Comments Off on Councillor Comment

So that everyone has a chance to have a say on our future, Wairarapa Voice have petition forms at a number of places in Martinborough. I would urge everyone to sign this, so that going forward it is a democratic decision on whether we stay as we are or move to a combined Wairarapa Council.
We have had so much debate to date, firstly Local Government put forward the Wellington Supercity and this was defeated. Local Government then went back to the drawing board and looked at the concept of having a Unitary Authority to cover the Wairarapa, as put forward by Masterton, Carterton and South Wairarapa, this was also put aside and they have come up with the Wairarapa District Council.
There will be some parts of the proposal that people like and parts that they don’t like, so instead of just accepting this, we need to sign the petition to enable a vote to take place. This will allow us all to really get down to the nitty gritty and work out exactly what we would like and put pen to paper (voting paper) and then the majority will make the decision, rather than having this forced upon us.
The petition papers are located at Kitchener Street Dairy, Pain & Kershaw, Martinborough Medical Centre and Pirinoa Country Store. The closing date will be towards the end of September to enable this to be lodged prior to the 11th October.
Long Term Plan:
Council is reviewing the long term plan this year and instead of having a 10-year plan, we are looking to extend this to be up to a 30-year plan. So, thinking caps on…. … Continue Reading

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The season is over for the Premier and Senior Reserve teams, and what a season it was! Our Premier team made it to the Tui Cup Final, our first final in 24 year years…the last time we won was 26 years ago! Unfortunately it was not to be the fairy …

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