The season is over for the Premier and Senior Reserve teams, and what a season it was! Our Premier team made it to the Tui Cup Final, our first final in 24 year years…the last time we won was 26 years ago! Unfortunately it was not to be the fairy …

Wharekaka benefits from delightful musical soirée

One reason Martinborough is such a great place to live is the amazing range of amenities we have, many of which are no longer available in other small New Zealand towns. Wharekaka Rest Home, run by locals for locals, is one of those treasures. With the recent upgrade to hospital-level …

‘Bikes for kids’ greatly appreciated

The Men’s Shed’s most successful project is “Bikes for Kids” which has been underway for several months. Thanks to the donations of bikes of all sizes from the community, over 30 bikes have been reconditioned to good working order and placed in schools and the Wairarapa Youth Program located in …

Helping Our Community Flourish

v We don’t want to be the hearse at the bottom of the cliff”, says Pam Shackleton the Practice Manager at Martinborough Health Centre. ‘We’d much prefer our patients to be happy and healthy and not coming to see us at all!’ With that in mind Pam is leading a …

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Did you know

September 13, 2017 September 2017 Comments Off on Did you know

THE STAR is available on line – simply Google Martinborough Star
ONE OF THE penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors” – Plato
A FOURTEEN Storey wooden apartment block of sixty two flats was completed in Norway in 2015. Currently a thirty storey wooden building is under construction in Vancouver. The wood is laminated cross ply resin cemented under pressure. . It is 9% -14% cheaper than steel, stronger and fire proof. Unlike steel it does not bend under heat and pressure.
“A CHANGE in nuisance is as good as a vacation” David Lloyd George
AN OAMARU woman, Irene Sparks, has captured the Guinness World record with her 21,321 neck tie collection. Official counters took several hours with the confirming count. The previous title holder was American Derryl Ogden who only has 16,055 ties. … Continue Reading

Dear Dr Jane

September 13, 2017 September 2017 Comments Off on Dear Dr Jane

A balanced lifestyle? I take vitamins, do yoga, limit red meat and alcohol, meditate, get eight hours of sleep religiously and have regular colonic irrigations. Any advice on what else I can do to achieve maximum wellness and be the best version of myself?

Dear Concerned

Yes, I do have some advice but it’s perhaps not what you were expecting.
A huge industry has sprung up in recent years targeting the ‘worried well’ and giving the message that you could feel a lot better if only you were drinking solutions infused with the energetic vibrations of flowers, attending a sweat-based infra-red yoga studio or doing a monthly organic carrot juice detox.
Subsequently, there is a section of the population who are searching very hard for some magic elixir that will give perfect wellness, whatever that actually means.
However, there are at least two unfortunate side effects of this quest. The first is a consequence of any search for perfection: you can never achieve it as there will always be the possibility that there is something else, some potion or lotion that will ensure you never feel tired, never feel a twinge, or any other normal process of aging or being human. … Continue Reading

Facing Giants Crossfit:

September 13, 2017 September 2017 Comments Off on Facing Giants Crossfit:

Matt and Lydia Guild. Crossfit is known as ‘a high-intensity fitness programme incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise.’ Matt and Lydia Guild have their own boutique crossfit box/gym called Facing Giants, situated on White Rock Road, which they established 4 years ago. They are extremely talented athletes, whom have competed in numerous competitions, and continue to train to the highest level possible in order to reach their goals. They will be heading off to the Gold Coast, in October, to compete in the Masters League State of Origin, qualifying as one of the top male and female athletes. They will be part of the Wellington Team, of which Matt is Team Coach, battling against the states of Australia as well as Christchurch and Auckland.
They are dedicated to all of the members that train at their box and this is showcased through the results that many have achieved. Just recently Carolina Vargas-Gonzales competed in the Strong Women Weight lifting Crossfit Comp where she came second out of a staggering number of athletes. Both Matt and Lydia were there to cheer Carolina on, as well as Zoe Sinclair who competed that day, and both of their results are a reflection of the high level of personalised training. … Continue Reading

Advance voting available in Martinborough

September 13, 2017 September 2017 Comments Off on Advance voting available in Martinborough

For the upcoming general election, Martinborough will have an advance voting place for the first time.
The trend in previous elections has been for more people to take advantage of the convenience of voting in advance. The Electoral Commission is forecasting for this election that up to 50% of all votes may be cast during the advance vote period.
Additionally, people will be able to check if they are enrolled by visiting an advance voting place, and can then enrol on the spot if they wish to. This is a new initiative that is expected to increase enrolments and voter turnout.
The Wairarapa Electorate has doubled the number of advance voting places to accommodate the increase in people wanting to vote or enrol during the advance voting period, which is from Monday September 11th to Friday September 22nd. There will be advance voting available in all main towns in the electorate, although not all will be open for the whole period.
The Advance Voting booth will be at 20 Jellicoe Street (next to Scotty’s Meats) on:
Thursday and Friday 14th and 15th between 11 am and 3 pm.
Saturday 16th between 10am and 2pm
Monday 18th to Friday 22nd between 11am and 4 pm.
Request for postal votes may be made at this booth or by phoning 06 378 72784 between 9am and 4pm

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The season is over for the Premier and Senior Reserve teams, and what a season it was! Our Premier team made it to the Tui Cup Final, our first final in 24 year years…the last time we won was 26 years ago! Unfortunately it was not to be the fairy …

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U13 Boys Hockey The 2017 Wairarapa U13 Hatch Cup representative hockey team performed well at its first mini tournament in Stratford on the 12 and 13 August, securing wins over Manawatu, Wanganui and Horowhenua. The team is well represented by the South Wairarapa this year with Jarrod Yee, Hamish Kill, …


Two down and one to go, we are on the home straight with the season of Winter and for the first time in many years the dams and tanks are fill and the water tables have well and truly reached above the ground. you guessed, we’re ready for Spring! The …

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