A trip of a lifetime

Brothers Joe and Chris Howells, now both in their 60’s, grew up in Cologne Street, Martinborough. In August this year they joined a group of 15 people who motorcycled over the world’s highest roads in the Himalaya Mountain Range. Joe and Chris joined a 2 week Motosaga Expedition which took …

NZTrio in Greytown

The NZTrio will conclude its 2018 touring year with the programme Twine, which they will perform in Greytown on Thursday 8 November, and also in Auckland, New Plymouth and Whitianga. Each concert this year has presented a fresh dynamic, with an impressive line-up of talented Kiwi guest musicians joining founding …

Old School is Back

We profiled our local butcher Scotty’s Meats in the May Martinborough Star of this year. Scotty was committed to finding a way to go plastic bag free. It was here we introduced the idea of bring a container to ‘fill them up’ in the act of reducing waste, reusing and …

International focus at South Wairarapa Rotary meetings

Ambassador Brown recently visited South Wairarapa Rotary as our guest speaker.  He gave a very lively and engaging speech, introducing himself in Maori.  Mr Brown said that when he was offered an ambassadorial post he chose New Zealand because of the All Blacks, the movie Lord of the Rings and …

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Community Board notes

October 3, 2018 October 2018 No Comments

Spring has arrived and it is certainly nice to see some sun especially for the farmers that are in the throes of lambing and calving.

From a Community Board point of view it is great to finally see work getting done on the Cenotaph no only making it safe but also giving it a much needed makeover.

Some of you may have also noticed the new fence going in around the old cemetery on Dublin Street this is a great addition to the cemetery which has a lot of local history tied to it, the new fence and gates will make it much easier for public to access this, some people are not aware this is a public cemetery and you are able to go and have a walk around in there anytime. 

As many of you are aware the possible closure of Tuturumuri School, is something that has hit nationwide media, however after much community support the decision has been made to keep the school open for 2019, a shame the same can’t be said for our local ANZ branch, there was clear South Wairarapa support to keep the bank open, sadly those of higher power have not listened. … Continue Reading

Book review

October 3, 2018 Uncategorized No Comments

Utopia for realists – Bullshit jobs

 ‘And now for something completely different’ (to borrow a Monty Python phrase) , in this case a double review. Each of these books is based on the John Maynard Keyes’ 1930 prediction than by this century everybody would be working a fifteen hour week. The predicted rise in production has happened , but everybody remains working as in the 1930s so why has Keyes’  prediction not come about? they ask.

Utopia for realists  ‘ This book is brilliant. Everyone should read it’ is Richard Wilkinson, author of The Spirit Level’s , assessment of  Utopia for realist – and I agree with him.  Author Rutger Bregman is a leading Dutch philosopher and economist who spells out a new way forward from the long held and debated Left/Right stances with fresh thinking and evidence based arguments. … Continue Reading

From the Regional Council

October 3, 2018 October 2018 No Comments

Climate change has been the subject of arguments for a good many years now.  Initially the disagreement centred on whether or not it was actually happening.  Then, when the massive weather events worldwide seemed to solidly support the affirmative, the contention moved to whether humans had anything to do with it or not.  Now, even that is largely accepted although some will challenge just how much impact man is having on the cyclical climate patterns.

If we put all the arguments to one side however, and accept that our weather will be different in the future; the questions we need to answer are, how different and what do we need to do to adapt?

While the answer to the first may seem a bit like crystal ball gazing it is possible to make informed comment by looking at weather pattern trends and modelling the outcomes.  To help with this Greater Wellington Regional Council has worked with NIWA and the latest report on climate drivers and impacts is out.   … Continue Reading

Country Dog City Dog

July 5, 2018 June2018 Comments Off on Country Dog City Dog


Southern Netball

Southern Netball started the season named a finalist in the Wairarapa Sports Award Club of the Year and finished with the Southern Steel being named Netball Wairarapa Primary School team of the Year – Sportsmanship, Improvement and results with many fabulous achievements in between including the Storm winning grade 4 …


The 2018 Tuhirangi JAB rugby season has come to an end but we have had a great year.  We had approx. 45 children registered and they played across 6 different teams ranging from Under 6 Rippa through to the Under 13’s. This year we had our own Tuhirangi Under 6 …

Martinborough Golf Report

Spring sprang a leak early in September with many days being called off, and the course closing for a short time (for being underwater).  However the cold snap passed, the ground dried out and our intrepid golfers wiped down their trundlers, dried out their gloves and drove home some good …

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