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Life Can be Fragile . . . so arrange someone you trust and understands you to become your Attorney to make decisions for you , if you may become unable to decide for yourself . Important to choose your attorney carefully. 

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is a legal document & protects you and what is precious to you. It will save your family the cost and stress of getting a court order to make decisions about you.

There Are Two Types of EPA . . . a/covers your PROPERTY ie. Your money & assets and can come into effect before you lose mental capacity   b/  covers your PERSONAL CARE & WELFARE and comes into effect only if a medical professional decides you have become “mentally incapable”.

Once an EPA comes into effect , your attorney (or attorneys) can make most decisions about your care and welfare and your property (including finances).

How Do You Get An EPA ?      When you’ve decided upon your attorney & what you want them to do , you need to arrange a lawyer, qualified legal executive or a trust corporation like the Public Trust to be your witness.   

You can change your EPA at any time you are mentally capable.

There are standard forms you must fill out to set up an EPA . You can get them from  superseniors.msd.govt.nz  or ask us at CAB to print them out .

At CAB we also have very good pamphlets full of easy to read, further helpful information , published by the Office for Seniors . We are happy to supply them to you – call in or we shall post out to you if you phone us . 

The pamphlets are “Protect Your Future with an Enduring Power of Attorney” for yourself, plus “ Enduring Power of Attorney – Being Someone’s Power of Attorney “ for the person/s you choose to be your attorney.   

If you use a computer , there is more help at www.superseniors.msd.govt.nz  

Wairarapa Citizens Advice Bureau 43 Perry Street, Masterton. Phones 06 377 0078 or 0800 367 222 . email at  wairarapa@cab.org.nz Website  www.cab.org.nz

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