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Brain facts

June 18, 2019 June 2019 No Comments

 How many brain cells do adults grow per day?

About 700. It used to be thought that you were born with all of the brain cells you would have for life but that is a myth. Brain cells can be lost and they can also grow. Certain habits, like exercising, can boost the number of brain cells you make. But many of these die within a week if they are not used. That’s why engaging your brain and learning new skills can keep your brain healthy and growing.

 What happens to the brain during sleep?

It’s busy. While your body is resting during sleep, your brain stays active controlling many of the functions of your body, like breathing. Your brain sorts through the day’s information and consolidates your learning into the long-term memory. The brain also clears out certain kinds of waste which researchers believe may lead to dementia over time.

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