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Season’s greetings

December 19, 2017 December 2017 Comments Off on Season’s greetings

The Nativity – Giorgio Martini Francesco (1439 – 1502) – Mondadori Portfolio

Wishing our readers all the blessings of the Christmas Season, with good company, nice food and sunshine. And looking forward to a happy and successful year ahead.
Lindie, Chris, David and the two Mikes.

Grant and James Muir win National Award

December 19, 2017 December 2017 Comments Off on Grant and James Muir win National Award

Grant Muir and Joanne Jackson with ESR business manager Andre Pinkert and RiverWatch mascot Lilla. Joanne and Andre have examples of the sensor.

South Wairarapa-based Conservation Innovation New Zealand (WAI NZ) has won the 2017 WWF-New Zealand Conservation Innovation Award. Founded by farmer Grant Muir and his son, biologist James Muir WAI NZ is developing a real-time water-borne E. coli contamination sensor that will give community members, regional councils and government a tool to monitor freshwater in real-time, providing immediate detection of increased E.coli levels so that swifter action, including early health warnings, can be taken. WAI NZ received a $25,000 Awards grant to fast-track their idea from concept to development, to maximize impact for conservation.

“Up until now testing for water borne E. coli has been time consuming and often ineffectual with results taking up to 48 hours to incubate in a laboratory,” James Muir said. “Our purpose-built design is a crossover of straight biology with cutting-edge innovative technology and the results are instant”. Testing the water 24/7, the E-coli sensor will transmit GPS-tagged data to the WAI NZ website or regional council sites.

The real risk of E. coli freshwater contamination is under the New Zealand spotlight, and now there’s a new game-changer solution on the way to revolutionise how Kiwis can take action in the national freshwater emergency. … Continue Reading

Martinborough Dark Sky Reserve

December 19, 2017 December 2017 Comments Off on Martinborough Dark Sky Reserve

Photo courtesy Mark Gee

In less than two months Martinborough’s Dark Sky Reserve group has chalked up near speed-of-light progress toward registering as one of the world’s few places with special dark sky recognition.

Already major steps have been promoted by Viv Napier and endorsed by South Wairarapa District Council to adapt the street lighting plans to specify new LED lighting which meets the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) requirements for 3000 Kelvin Street lights have a warmer hue than the harsher white 4000 Kelvin lights which were planned previously.

This will enable Martinborough to have the best of both worlds, more efficient LED lighting and to protect our dark skies (and health) from light pollution.

The new street lighting plan will include all the Wairarapa towns to give them the option to join the Dark Sky Reserve if their local community is supportive.

There is still one hitch, with NZTA (New Zealand Transport Authority) which controls the lighting of state highways – notably SH53 (Martinborough-Featherston) and SH2 (Featherston-Masterton) still has to commit to the 3000 Kelvin standard lights . The 4000 Kelvin lights proposed by NZTA have a significant proportion of ‘blue light’ included which scatters widely in the night sky causing light pollution – and has even recently been linked to health impacts on both humans and animals by disrupting circadian rhythms. … Continue Reading

Waihinga Centre

December 19, 2017 December 2017, Regular Features Comments Off on Waihinga Centre

The Waihinga Centre Park and Playground Diary 2018 will be a popular stocking filler this Christmas.

Seasonal Greetings
The Waihinga Charitable Trust, the Fundraising Team and the Communications Team would like to wish you all a happy and safe holiday season, a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2018. We are looking forward to seeing the doors on the Waihinga Centre open next year and will be continuing to work hard to deliver a Destination Playground and Park for our children to explore and enjoy.

If you are looking for gift ideas, our 2018 Diary is a great stocking filler and you could always donate a tree, bench or fence slat to the park or playground on behalf of those ‘hard to buy for’ relatives. Visit www.waihingacentre.nz to find out more.

Finally, a big thank you to all of our donors and supporters and to all of those who have given their time and energy to this project. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Waihinga Centre Park and Playground Diary 2018
The children of Martinborough, Pirinoa and Kahautara appeal to you to help them to build their dream playground at the Waihinga Centre. The price of new playground equipment is considerable so the Waihinga Centre diary is just one way in which the children have participated to ask for your help.

This diary is the perfect gift for family members whose children or grandchildren attend Martinborough, Pirinoa, or Kahautara Schools, Dot Kids, and Bell Street Childcare, Martinborough Kindergarten or Playcentre. Each month features a child or children playing.

Keep your diary by the phone to list the activities month by month, or gift it to your children to show them how to keep their own diary.

The cost of the diary is $20.00 and with limited numbers it would pay to get in early.

Diaries may be purchased through your school, kindergarten, playcentre or childcare centre, from the Library, P & K and the Village Café or call Lyle Griffiths on 06 306 8421. They will also be available for sale at the Te Kairanga Farmers Market 10am to 3pm on Sunday 3rd December. … Continue Reading


Pony Club enjoys a successful season.

The South Wairarapa Pony Club has completed a very successful season in which they provided four of the five riders in the Wairarapa- Wellington Team which won the NZPCA Mounted Games Teams National Title. This was capped by the team captain Jeremy Thurston being selected for a national team to …


It has been a while since I last wrote about the club and we have had a few changes – mainly with a newly formed committee to oversee both the Junior and Senior teams and ensure that moving forward we continue to grow as a Community based club. We have …


The 2019 is well underway for our Senior teams, we are enjoying some good rugby and look forward to the rest of the season.  With our Premiers and Reserves often playing at different places we often have at least one of them playing at home. Congratulations to Nikora Ewe,Tristan Flutey, Tipi Haira, James Pakoti and Christopher …

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