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Toni Pyl’s War Memories

December 19, 2018 December 2019 Comments Off on Toni Pyl’s War Memories

Part 8

Our visits to Oma in Rotterdam had stopped long ago. There always seemed to be an air raid when we were there and didn’t want to be killed! She thought this was nonsense as she believed that God protected her so her house was safe. There was no doubt that that windows were often broken all around her – but never hers!

In such dangerous times we decided it was better to stay at home and we all slept together in the big bed with a suitcase packed for emergencies.

We lost our Jewish couple when the husband went to post a letter after dark, just before the 8pm curfew and never came back.  It was panic stations, his wife had to go and quick. We cleaned out their room to leave no trace of them and she slept the night in another room till early morning then fled to friends in the neighbourhood. 

It wasn’t until after the War that we heard what had happened. The husband was picked up on the street with a group of others for forced labour but later managed to jump from the train and escape. It was quite a topic of conversation back then – discussing in detail how to jump out of a train without being shot or hurting yourself. 

He was captured again but could prove he was a reserve army officer so the Germans sent him to a POW camp where he had a better time of it than we did because the Red Cross looked after them. His wife also survived and after the War they were very grateful to my parents, giving them generous gifts such as a TV. … Continue Reading

World class guitarist to return

December 19, 2018 December 2019 Comments Off on World class guitarist to return

World Class Jazz Guitarist Ashton Sellars is returning to Martinborough for a show at The Village Cafe in December.

“Ashton is an outstanding talent,” says Jazz in Martinborough’s Music Director Lee Quayle.  “He’s played at a couple of our festivals and at a solo gig previously and always draws a crowd.  Those who’ve heard him before will want to see him again, and if you haven’t, you must!” added Lee.  Ashton will be playing as a part of a guest quartet.

Ashton graduated with a high level masters in Jazz Guitar from the Conservatory Van Amsterdam in 2018 and is back in NZ to share what he’s learnt and how he’s developed as a jazz guitarist.  He is returning to New Zealand for the first time in almost 3 years.

“I would love to share with listeners what I have discovered, learnt and achieved during this time away from home, studying and playing around Europe,” says Ashton. … Continue Reading

From the Mayor

December 19, 2018 December 2019 Comments Off on From the Mayor

It’s hard to believe it’s December already. Where has 2018 gone? And where is summer? Hopefully it’s just around the corner, but if the last few weeks of rain are anything to go by, it leaves you wondering what the summer holds. It’s strange to think that this time last year, we were in drought.

Our rivers are wonderful places to visit and enjoy but when we receive extreme rain, as we did, it can cause us a few problems. We are very grateful to the team at Fulton Hogan who were out the other night in the cold and wet managing the traffic at the Waihenga Bridge to ensure drivers stayed safe. I hope people were not too inconvenienced by the flooding. From what I saw on social media, people did a great looking after each other and sharing road closure updates. It showed the wonderful community spirit that exists here in Martinborough. In these situations, at the Council, we do our best to share road closure information during office hours. NZTA takes the lead to provide the most authoritative, up-to-date information on road closures around the clock. … Continue Reading

It’s Quiz time!

December 19, 2018 December 2019 Comments Off on It’s Quiz time!

  • Who started The Crippled Children’s Society in New Zealand?
  • Who built the first Karitane Hospital?
  • Who organised the first mobile TB clinic?
  • Who started Milk in Schools?
  • Who began the first Health Camps?
  • Who brought Defensive Driving Courses to New Zealand?
  • Who built the first women’s public toilet facility in New Zealand??
  • Who began the National Kidney Foundation
  • Who began the Riding for Disabled Association
  • Who began the Asthma Society
  • Who began the National Children’s Health Research Foundation?

If you answered ‘Rotary’ to each of these questions, you would be right.

But wait, there’s more! … Continue Reading