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Marre’s musings

December 19, 2018 December 2019 Comments Off on Marre’s musings


The leadup to Xmas inevitably results in people getting a tree. Nowadays, it’s an essential part of the festivities. This was not always so: in fact the tree originally was used to celebrate the winter solstice, so not appropriate here – although with our current inclement weather, we can’t be too sure. The selected trees were evergreen to remind one of Spring. Probably just as well: a conglomeration of bare branches arranged beside the fire wouldn’t have looked too flash and may have led to … well, you get the idea. 

Trees were probably first associated with Christmas about 1000 years ago in Northern Europe. Towns usually had just one put up in the square (maybe we could do that here) and after a bit of song and dance, the tree was set on fire (perhaps ignore that idea, after all!) Today there’s one in almost every home with a booming industry making this possible. Would you believe in the UK, there’s about ten million grown every year just for the occasion.

Although I don’t celebrate Xmas, I love trees. Especially living, growing ones, so it makes me a bit sad to see the inevitable tree ‘discard-fest’ in the New Year. Fortunately, there’s an increasing fashion to reduce the destruction; all good!   So to complete this month’s musings is a poem with a tree theme which I wrote recently. It’s reproduced below for you to share. 

Enjoy your celebrations and spare a thought for the trees.   … Continue Reading

Martinborough Community Choir update:

December 19, 2018 December 2019 Comments Off on Martinborough Community Choir update:

The choir is currently preparing for our sixth end-of-year concert.
We’ll be performing in our usual venue, St. Andrew’s Hall, on Tuesday eve December 11, at 7.30pm. Everyone is most welcome to attend.

This year we’ll be singing a wide variety of songs, from classical to pop, with themes of love, happiness and beauty; and also celebrating the centenary of Leonard Bernstein’s birth with a medley of songs from his great musical ‘West Side Story’.

We’ll be singing mostly in English, but we’ll also perform songs in French, German and te reo Māori.

After this concert, we’ll take our usual long summer holiday.
Watch this space for our start date in 2019, when we’ll welcome any new members who enjoy group singing, and have wide-ranging taste in music!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all. Victoria Jones, for the MCC.

Library News

December 19, 2018 December 2019, Regular Features Comments Off on Library News

Hello from an empty shell of a library. So sad to see the empty shelves and no heels on the walls! This is short as I am typing it on my teeny weeny phone screen. Using one finger to type is quite alien to me as I am used to touchtyping at a fast pace.
By the time you get this paper we will be ensconced in our new premises. Our volunteers have been life savers. Without you all we would not have pulled off the move in such a tight timeframe. It will take us a little while to get ourselves on track but meanwhile I want to thank everyone for being so patient while we were closed over the two weeks. 

We are heading on full steam with the Summer Reading programme, so register your children now. Alison is in charge and has some exciting things planned for everyone. My finger is now fed up with tapping away so this is all my news for 2018. Happy Christmas everyone. Shirley

Meet Oscar and Bafta winning designer

December 19, 2018 December 2019 Comments Off on Meet Oscar and Bafta winning designer

Doctor Who is hot right now, so a trivial pursuit question is in order for aficionados.

Question: Who introduced the Doctor’s iconic long scarf featured in the thirty episodes from 1972-1976?

Answer: James Acheson

And now the Wairarapa gets the chance to hear this talented NZ based costume designer for film, theatre and dance at the first of LONGWOOD LIFE LESSONS – a series of events beginning in January and continuing monthly till May.

Of course the pinnacle of success for any designer is the Oscars and James happens to have won three, including The Last Emperor for which he also won a Bafta. … Continue Reading