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December 9, 2021 December 2021 Comments Off on SOUTH WAIRARAPA REBUS CLUB

Meeting on 22 October, for the first time since July, the South Wairarapa Rebus Club discussed the near-term prospect of our having to deal with members who might be unvaccinated. A clear line was drawn between those who were refused vaccination for medical reasons and any who might choose to remain unvaccinated for their own reasons. The consensus of the meeting was to await the possibility of further Government regulation before determining our own individual club policy at the February AGM.

The Guest Speaker was our own John Reeve, a retired Government toxicologist, talking about toxic plants in New Zealand. He distinguished “toxic hazard” relating to the nature of a poisonous substance, from “toxic risk” which reflects the likelihood of human contact with the substance at levels determined to have toxic effects. Even for carcinogens, if the hazard is present in a low enough quantity, it is without risk.

Plants are not benign. Many have evolved the ability to secrete substances to discourage browsing by fungi, insects and animals. For example, when a zucchini plant is attacked by a fungus it produces an internal fungicide for self-protection, a substance which is known to be toxic to humans. Only a very dedicated zucchini lover could eat enough “organic” zucchini for symptoms to appear but commercially grown zucchini that have been sprayed against the fungus do not produce the toxin at all.  … Continue Reading

 South Wairarapa Tramping Club    

December 9, 2021 December 2021 Comments Off on  South Wairarapa Tramping Club    

A cheeky Kaka trying to get to the dried apricots.


After receiving confirmation at 7am from the tour operators that the weather conditions were favourable, we met at their office for a biosecurity inspection. Fortunatly no rats, mice, or any other vermin were found and we proceeded to the launch, being careful not to put our bags on the ground in case we picked up any Argentinian ants. (Apparently now introduced to NZ, but not found on Kapiti.)

A bouncy 15 minute boat ride took us to the DOC visitor centre. A Ranger gave us a talk about the history of Kapiti, the birds, and their protection, and then we were free to walk up to the highest peak ( Tuteremoana -521m) or on the other local tracks.

We meandered around some lower tracks enjoying the bird song and luxuriant bush, then headed uphill to a hihi (stichbird) feeding station, seeing large numbers of hihi flitting in and out, when not being monstered by a fierce tui.  Kaka and weka abound, and make eating lunch a mission. One kaka opened a pack zip and was shoved off just before he got into a bag of dried apricots. … Continue Reading

Sibling Rivalry

December 9, 2021 December 2021, Sports Comments Off on Sibling Rivalry

Anna Possenniskie (left) and Debbie Donaldson.

It’s not often that two members of the same family compete for the winning place in the Womens’ Silver Golf Championships. But that is just what took place at the Martinborough Golf Club Sunday 7th November.  Debbie Donaldson and Anna Posseniskie, the daughters of Viv and Martin Napier, went head on to compete for the win. 

In the first half Debbie was in command with a score of 79 against Annas 83.  Debbie began the second half two up.

But after lunch Anna began to make a comeback. Tension increased. The atmosphere was electric.  But Debbie was not giving up without a fight.   She squared a few holes and won another.  A deviant drive, a missed chip through a slip of concentration and an unfortunate position down the bank on the 16th allowed Anna to finally win the game on the 34th hole.  It was a nail -biting finish and hard won. 

On examining the gross scores there was little in it.   The first half Debbie was 79 and Anna 83. In the second half Anna was 78 and Debbie was 83.                                                                                                                          Both girls played below their handicaps. Anna has a handicap of 7 and Debbie 8.

Afterwards Anna was thrilled with her win but shed a few tears because she really did not want to beat her little sister.  Then there were warm hugs all round proving beyond a doubt that sibling rivalry can have a harmonious outcome.

Saving Mako

December 9, 2021 December 2021 Comments Off on Saving Mako

North Atlantic fishing nations have pledged to ban catches of the shortfin mako, the world’s fastest shark, in an attempt to save the endangered species.

Conservationists, who have for years sought to better protect the mako, said the ban was a “critical breakthrough”. The effort to ensure agreement between fishing nations was led by the UK, Canada and Senegal.

At the annual meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) this week, countries agreed “to end overfishing immediately and to gradually achieve biomass levels sufficient to support maximum sustainable yield by 2070” for the mako shark.

The shortfin mako, sometimes referred to as the “cheetah of the ocean”, can reach speeds of about 45mph (72km/h). Prized for its meat, fins and for sportfishing, it is classified as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s red list of threatened species and is considered exceptionally vulnerable in the North Atlantic.

Worldwide concern over the decline was highlighted in 2019, when a record number of countries voted to regulate trade under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites). ICCAT scientists have recommended a ban on taking makos since 2017, to reverse the decline and rebuild the population

Shannon Arnold, marine programme coordinator at Ecology Action Centre, said: “We congratulate Canada, the UK, Senegal, and Gabon, for leading the charge to secure this historic, science-based protection for endangered shortfin mako sharks. We celebrate this critical step today, mindful that the fight to bolster it begins tomorrow.”


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