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Did you know

December 9, 2021 December 2021, Regular Features Comments Off on Did you know

WE ACKNOWLEDGE the passing of Daisy Aldridge (Lake) in her hundredth year. Until recently Daisy was a appreciated volunteer delivering the Star. As she had been doing from the very first issue.   

SENDING CHRISTMAS cards is a good way of letting people know that you think that they are worth a stamp.

CHRISTMAS IS a time when kids tell their parents what they want and adults tell the government what they want their kids to pay for.  

HERTZ, CAR RENTAL firm, that recently emerged from bankruptcy, announced that it had made a deal to buy 100,000 cars from Tesla for what knowledgeable sources estimate to be worth $4 billion.

‘THE BROAD mass of a nation will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one” Adolf Hitler.

CHINESE INVENTIONS include chemical insecticide, the fishing reel, magnetic compass, playing cards, the toothbrush and wheelbarrow.  … Continue Reading

Country Dog City Dog

December 9, 2021 December 2021, Regular Features Comments Off on Country Dog City Dog

Councillor Comment

December 9, 2021 December 2021, Regular Features Comments Off on Councillor Comment

Positive Aging Strategy 

In a report to Planning & Regulatory meeting on the 3rd November, the achievements of implementing the Positive Ageing strategy over the first year were discussed.   

  The Wairarapa Positive Ageing Strategy outlines the way in which the three Wairarapa 

Councils will work together to improve and integrate their work for our older people. It is pleasing to see that: 

  1. A working partnership with Age Concern Wairarapa has been developed. 
  2. The three Councils are now meeting with a representative of Wairarapa DHB’s Planning and Funding committee. 
  3. Connecting to St John’s Wairarapa and supporting their medical shuttle programme to grow and the development of their Caring Caller Programme 
  4. Developing relationship with Nuku Ora (Sports Wellington) and the inaugural Senior Games here in the Wairarapa in March 2022. 

 It is lovely to see so much work progressing in this field to assist our older citizens.  … Continue Reading

Community Garden News

December 9, 2021 December 2021, Regular Features Comments Off on Community Garden News

Lettuce and corn protected from the marauding birds.

Despite the wind, rain and Covid interventions we have reached the end of another year. He Community Garden is looking great. We have welcomed some new gardeners this year and have enjoyed visits from the children at Martinborough School; Red Cross and other casual visitors who stop by for a chat, or just to see what is going on. Usually, they leave with the first pick of the day’s harvest!

Please remember that all the produce from the garden is FREE and available from the Larder at the Medical centre. We are still amazed, after 4 years that some people still consider that they have to pay, or swap something for what they take.

So Happy Christmas to all. Travel safely if you are travelling. The rest I will say in pictures.


Roll the Jack

With Rozanna Muriwai, as the new president of the Martinborough Bowling Club, the Club is humming. “When we returned from Bahrain 2 years ago, we wandered down to the Bowling Green to check it out. Both my husband and I love bowling, says Rozanna. We joined. The social side of …

Rare mother – daughter success at South Wairarapa Karate Club

The South Wairarapa Okinawan Goju Ryu karate club is continuing to grow in both numbers and achievements, and it was great to see two Martinborough locals recently achieve their Shodan (blackbelts) in September this year. Mother and daughter, Clare and Bonnie Miller,  travelled to Dunedin with Senpai Anna Borjesson and …

Sibling Rivalry

It’s not often that two members of the same family compete for the winning place in the Womens’ Silver Golf Championships. But that is just what took place at the Martinborough Golf Club Sunday 7th November.  Debbie Donaldson and Anna Posseniskie, the daughters of Viv and Martin Napier, went head …

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