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February 11, 2019 February 2019 Comments Off on WHAREKAKA NEWS:

The new year has been off to a busy start with the Auxiliary holding a picnic for the residents. Although the weather was not as planned this did not dampen sprites.

We have also spent a lovely day out at the pinnacles and  ice creams in the park at Greytown.

Once school starts up again, we look forward to out regular visits from various school and preschool groups.

The Wharekaka Auxiliary hosted a very enjoyable new year luncheon for residents on 15th January.  Unfortunately, the weather gods didn’t play their part and the picnic was held in the day room.  Although the venue was moved all residents enjoyed the picnic atmosphere and lovely food supplied.

We have been very fortunate to receive surplus food from Kitchener’s and Neighbourhood café recently.  This makes a lovely change for the residents’ afternoon teas.  A big thankyou to you all.

We sadly farewelled Dorothy Ansell and Gene Brown in December.  Both residents will be sadly missed by the Wharekaka family.

We welcome Gerard Lowe from the Villas as a permanent resident in the home and Judy Palmer and Peg Plowman moved from Masterton facilities to join our Wharekaka family as permanent residents.

We have a Facebook page which depicts activities and things happening at Wharekaka.  Find us and follow us!

Why do dogs stick their heads out the window?

February 11, 2019 February 2019 Comments Off on Why do dogs stick their heads out the window?

Have you ever wondered why dogs love poking their heads out of car windows? The answer, according to Adelaide zoologist Chris Daniels, is much more interesting than “because they can”.

“We need to remember that a dog’s head is this incredible sensory apparatus,” said Professor Daniels, from the University of South Australia.

“They smell so much better than we do, in that their sense of smell is much greater than we have, and they have good vision.

“Their head is jam-packed full of sensors, so when they stick their head out the window, they’ve got this great pressure of air moving at great speed over them, and it’s a sensory overload.”

Professor Daniels said every time a dog stuck its head out of a moving car window, it was evidence of its adventurous and opportunistic nature.

“There’s one thing that’s really become apparent over the last 20 years about a great many species, and not just mammals, and that is they like to have fun,” he said.

WBS MARTINBOROUGH FC – calling all players (young & old-er)

February 11, 2019 February 2019, Sports Comments Off on WBS MARTINBOROUGH FC – calling all players (young & old-er)

How time flies as we are already gearing up for a new season for the Juniors and Senior team.

If you haven’t heard much about us, where have you been! 

Each year we have at least 6 junior teams (of all ages and abilities) taking to the field to represent the town and a ‘slightly’ older contingent playing in the Wairarapa 2nd Division.

Last year our Junior teams were fantastic – everyone playing their part to ensure that Martinborough FC will be a force in the Junior leagues for many years to come (and having coached a few local ‘newbies’ pre-Christmas there is a lot of talent out there).

So if you are looking for something for your children to do (ages from 5 up to 12/13) then please get in touch at the email below and we can then keep you in the loop with our planned activities, pre-season training etc…

For the Senior team, we will be looking to start pre-season training on Tuesday nights – the first being 12th Feb 2019 down at the football grounds from 6.30pm to about 8pm. 

From the Mayor 

February 11, 2019 February 2019 Comments Off on From the Mayor 

Happy New Year Martinborough. So far January has brought some highs and lows but, every new year, brings new beginnings and new hope. 

Martinborough sadly farewelled one of its most well-known citizens, Garry Jackson, at a service attended by hundreds on the 25 January. Garry served as a volunteer for the Martinborough Fire Brigade for nearly 50 years, 25 of those as Martinborough Fire Chief. Garry will be remembered as a man who loved his community and spent all his life helping people in his community. Garry was the “go-to man”, always there to lend a hand, provide some firewood and put out fires. Martinborough has lost a stalwart, he will be missed by many. Thank you, Garry, for your dedication and commitment to your community,

The town has got off to a roaring start to the year, already playing host to its first big event– Cruise Martinborough. I so enjoyed seeing all the classic and American cars shining in the sunshine, a real credit to their owners. You couldn’t fail to marvel at the cars driving about the region, while the drivers enjoyed the great sights on offer. … Continue Reading