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Kahutara School

July 8, 2013 July 2013 Comments Off on Kahutara School

Board of Trustees Election
Kristy De Lange (39)
Edward Handyside ( 59)
Michael Jamieson (31)
Louise Lyster ( 30)
Moira Robertson-Davis-Brown (27)
Karen Shaw (40)
Erica Urlich (31)

Elected Kristy DeLange, Edward Handyside,
Michael Jamieson, Karen Shaw, Erica Urlich.
Staff representative Brodie Wilson.

Laraine Nix Returning officer.


July 8, 2013 July 2013 Comments Off on IT’S OUR FAULT”

Before you decide to stop reading, this is NOT about taking the blame, but taking responsibility!

The Wairarapa U3A [University of the Third Age] is hosting GNS Earthquake geologist Dr Robert Langridge this month, to talk to us about our faults. The GNS’s “It’s Our Fault”  project now includes the Wairarapa. It’s designed to inform people in their home area about specific faults, earthquakes and their impacts. U3A hopes this will be of much interest to you! … Continue Reading

Help please

July 8, 2013 July 2013 Comments Off on Help please

A couple of months ago I was at a meeting with the Rural Women group, and heard the story of a gorgeous little girl called Kathlyn who is 5 and loves most things a little girl of her age enjoy.

The only difference between Kathlyn and most girls of her age is that in her short life she has had 26 surgeries and major heart operations and is currently down to  12 different medications she takes daily to help her bounce through her busy school day. Kathlyn is a HeartKid.

Kids born with heart defects are not assisted with funding by the NZ Heart Foundation so kids like her come under the Wellington@Heart ‘umbrella’. … Continue Reading

Hello from Martinborough  Plunket,

July 8, 2013 July 2013 Comments Off on Hello from Martinborough  Plunket,

Every year when we have the garage sale. Fortunately for me there are a huge group of superheroes who step up and help  with the finer things and we have a lot of you kind folks to thank.

For starters, we couldn’t have our garage sale if it wasn’t for the generosity of Martinborough people who are keen to free up their house of clutter and treasures. which have now made their way back to new happy homes and owners keen to recycle the reusable. We are extremely grateful for South Wairarapa Storage who gave us a TARDIS like space for stashing all of the loads we picked up. … Continue Reading