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Actually it’s wrong 

July 23, 2019 July2019 No Comments

The idea that you do not use all of your brain is a widespread myth. Brain scan studies show all areas are active. Don’t be taken in by claims that products will activate ‘the rest of your brain’ – they won’t do anything.

It is also a myth that the brain is grey  The brain is often pictured as a dull grey mass but while it is true that it does have grey matter, it also has white matter, the blood vessels are red and the area in the middle is black. So when you see a preserved brain in a museum, it is because of the formaldehyde used to preserve the organ.

Listening to classical music improves the IQ of babies is Myth. Recent studies show that the popular fad of listening to Mozart to enhance IQ has no scientific basis. Although a pleasurable experience, the music has no real effect on intelligence.

While it may seem that the brains of babies soak up the most information, research shows that your brain can grow and change at any age. The London taxi driver study demonstrated growth in the hippocampus and the end of their extensive course of memorising the busy streets and routes.

A Truckload of Books

July 23, 2019 July2019 No Comments

Every year thousands and thousands of donated books pile up in the hall of First Church awaiting the annual Mid-Winter Monster Book Fair. It’s just the start of the long process of getting them ready for sale.  They have to be sorted into the many different categories then packed up ready for moving to the venue.  This year it was a return to the refurbished Town Hall.  The books were trucked there courtesy of Martinborough Transport, then unpacked and put on display.

“We are always amazed at the quality of the books people give us”, says Margaret Griffiths, one of the team of helpers. “We try to identify any that are particularly special and make sure they are priced appropriately.   For instance we were given a magnificent Raymond Ching book this year.  We have a flat rate of $2 for all our other books.” … Continue Reading