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International award for Dali Frantoio

June 18, 2019 June 2019 Comments Off on International award for Dali Frantoio

Dali Estate owners Ross Vintiner and Andrea Stewart at harvesting.

Over the weekend Dali Frantoio, from Martinborough was judged to be one of 552 of the world’s best extra virgin olive oils at the Olympics of olive oil, the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2019.  There were nearly 1000 entries from around the world.  Dali was one of three groves in New Zealand to receive an award.  


This result follows Dali Frantoio winning Best in Class and Gold Medal at the Olives New Zealand awards, along with Dali Picual also winning Gold.  Dali Coupage, our blend is silver medal and climbing.

Dali Frantoio is grown at Fraters Road, Martinborough on Dali Estate.  The trees are around 12 years old and the fruit is pressed at Pressing Engagements (Roger Smith) in Martinborough and bottled at Martinborough Winemaking Services.  So a real local product.

There are 1100 trees in total Leccino, Frantoio,Pendolino and Picual viratals. Dali Estate produce Wairarapa’s first ever Kalamata (pickled olives sold in Martinborough).  The grove was planted in 2005 and has won several NZ awards but this was the first time we’ve entered an international award.

Our Frantoio, from the olive cultivar of the same name, is “delicate”, that is, it’s mild in flavour and used for drizzling, salads, dipping and even for dropping over ice cream!  Frantoio can be warmed in a pan and you can add your preferred infusion (citrus, garlic etc) for a couple of minutes for the greatest infused olive oil there is.

The variety Frantoio comes from Tuscany, Italy and is the largest grown olive varietal in New Zealand.  Dali Frantoio has been a top NZ olive oil for the past five years.

Book review

June 18, 2019 June 2019 Comments Off on Book review

I can’t remember the title but the cover is Blue

Elias Greig works at a Sydney bookshop and as any retailer will tell you customers provide an endless number of interesting observations. Elias decided to keep a diary type list, if the day provided a story he jotted it down. This book is the result and its title is exactly the clue one customer provided in asking him to track down the book. 

Each chapter covers one customer being served. Some are really funny, others not so as the passing parade of humanity’s foibles are described; the demanding, the vague, the cheeky, the naïve, the sad and the happy.  

Some a mixture of these such as the lady who purchased a book and asked for it to be gift wrapped.  As he did this she pulled two more which she had purchased elsewhere out of her bag saying “you might as well wrap  these too”. He decided it easier to oblige however then she got picky about the wrapping paper insisting that they be in different wrappers.  As she paid for the book she commented that she hoped he hadn’t charged for the wrapping service and when he assured that he hadn’t she replied “That’s all right then” and walked off with out so much as a ‘thank you’. … Continue Reading

South Wairarapa Rotary

June 18, 2019 June 2019 Comments Off on South Wairarapa Rotary

As part of its activities, South Wairarapa Rotary invites a wide range of interesting and influential people to address members at dinner meetings – from local community leaders to well-known national figures. We have all heard of acupuncture which has gradually moved into mainstream treatment. What most of us did not know is that it has developed a new approach called neuropuncture. Local acupuncturist Peter Larking explained this to us in a most interesting presentation recently. A lot of research is being undertaken to find out exactly how the body reacts to the needles and to the use of tiny electric currents. Peter said that this provides another treatment option for many conditions.

We also heard from local artist Rebekah Farr whose recent exhibition ‘Departures’ at Aratoi explored the theme of exile and migration. Rebecca maintains she is the only artist in New Zealand who uses the cold wax and oil technique. Rebekah described her journey as an artist and painter illustrating her story by the works she did at each stage. One of these depicted the Queen as a refugee which had a special impact. 

Rotary has now been serving the Wairarapa community for many years. Recently the Masterton South Rotary club held its 50th anniversary and the South Wairarapa Rotary club will also be celebrating its 50th anniversary in July.

Much has been achieved by Rotary in New Zealand over those 50 years.  From the establishment of the New Zealand Child Research Foundation by the Auckland Rotary Clubs in 1971, to the inception of the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Course in 2002 by the Wellington district and on, Rotary have been providing critical services to New Zealand communities.

To find out more, visit swrotary.org.nz

Inner Wheel Club of South Wairarapa

June 18, 2019 June 2019 Comments Off on Inner Wheel Club of South Wairarapa

What an exciting place the Wairarapa is. I was lucky enough to meet a number of our Inner Wheel people and their families at the balloon festival early one freezing but fine and relatively windless morning. Many people were milling about in warm jackets, scarves and woolly hats with one exception. I spied one of our members sitting in her car dressed in her pyjamas and a fur coat with her husband.  As they were parked in a prime spot, she was able to see the balloons within minutes of rising from her bed, successfully keeping warm, while others outside were not so comfortable. Only in the Wairarapa! Which is a circuitous route to our speaker this month, Melissa, who spoke about “Dress for success”.

The vision for “Dress for Success is that “women do not live in poverty, are treated with dignity and respect, are strengthening their families and shaping their communities.” The organisation started in New York in 1997 and now it is in Masterton, with five volunteers working in the Wairarapa. 

A referral to “Dress for Success” entails an appointment for a first dressing in a comfortable but smart outfit  suitable for attending an interview. If successful at gaining employment she can have a second dressing, when a stylist will build on the first outfit and give her enough clothing for her first working week, including a handbag and shoes. In addition, advice is given on personal hygiene, accessories and other tips about dressing. All this is designed to make the woman feel comfortable and confident. How does the organisation manage to fund this service? … Continue Reading


The mighty green and black

Its been a long time coming, 28 years in fact but Martinborough are proud holders of the Tui Cup!!  Our Premier team won against Gladstone in a close entertaining game 36-32.  It felt like the whole town was at the game and the support was heard and noticed by the …

Martinborough Golf Round-Up

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Martinborough Ladies’ Hockey Club

The Martinborough Ladies Hockey Club are having a successful season in the Women’s 2 grade this year. Having retained most of last years’ players and gaining a few new younger ones, the team has managed to win more games this season. Team morale is high with playoffs upon us, with …

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