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Under The Martinborough Stars

June 9, 2021 June 2021 No Comments

For a really long time, we thought our planet, the Earth, was slap bang in the centre of the whole Universe. Everything we could see above us in the sky had us in the centre. It was a pretty nice feeling.

However, Galilleo and Copernicus a few hundred years ago worked out it was actually the Sun that was in the centre of our Solar System and not us and that we were a mere crumb of rock orbiting it. … Continue Reading

South Wairarapa Rotary Farewells its President – Brian Baxter

June 9, 2021 June 2021 No Comments

Last week South Wairarapa Rotary farewelled their President for 2020/21, Brian Baxter.  Brian had been with the South Wairarapa Rotary for ?? years and was voted in as President for the annual term of one year.  Brian and his wife, Jane Davis, have moved to Christchurch where Jane has been appointed to the Christchurch City Council.  

Brian left six weeks before the end of his term as President, so Past President Paul Mason takes over the role until incoming President Anne Atkinson takes over on 1 July. A special evening will be held to welcome Anne into her role as President for 2021/22. … Continue Reading

From the Mayor

June 9, 2021 June 2021 No Comments

I have been watching the painting of the Martinborough Museum over the past few weeks, and have been amazed at how smart it now looks.  ‘Flash as Slim Dusty’ as my mother used to say. Well done! 

Consultation on the Long Term Plan and Spatial Plan has concluded and we’re now very familiar with the Waihinga Supper Room, having spent many days closeted in it while we heard submissions and deliberated. There were an incredible number of submissions – over 800. The calibre of the submissions was high and the views put forward during oral submissions were heartfelt. We can be proud that the public are having their say on what happens in the community. … Continue Reading

Red Cross News

June 9, 2021 June 2021 No Comments

Neighbours Day – “The Great Plant Swap” – 14 April

Neighbours Day was a joint event with Neighbourhood Support, Red Cross, South Wairarapa District Council, and the Martinborough Community Garden.

The theme of Neighbours Day was connecting communities and offered an opportunity to visit the Martinborough Community Garden and swap a plant with a neighbour.  After a delay due to rain the Neighbours Day event took place on 14 April at the Martinborough Community Garden.  A great outcome for the volunteers was an article in the Wairarapa Mid-Week (21 April) highlighting their work in providing fresh vegies for anyone who needs them.  This produce is available for free at the Martinborough Medical Centre.   … Continue Reading



It is a hive of activity at the course today – lots of men with rakes, leaf blowers and leaf suckers tidying up around the clubhouse and squash club.  The course is looking good and the greens have come back well after being cored early last month. There have been …

Junior sport

Winter  is the time for a considerable number of organised winter sports. Coaches are invited to give their sport and it’s player some publicity through the Star’s Junior Sport section. Just send your   copy to beckett36@gmail.com by the last Wednesday of the month. A clear high resolution photo is …

Wrestling Club news

Training nights are back again and it’s great again to see new faces! Training nights are Wednesdays at theFeatherston gym. . Under ten years from 5.30 and over ten years from 6.30 . North Island Championships are being held in Katikati on 27 June and attendance is encouraged.  This is …

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From the mayor

Merry Christmas! We now have a new electorate MP, Keiran McAnulty and I look forward …

Cooking corner

Catering for a vegetarian this Christmas? Here’s the Vegan Society’s Nut Roast recipe Ingredients  1 …

Councillor comment

Here we are the last Star for the year and what a year it has …

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