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South Wairarapa Rebus Club

March 15, 2019 March 2019 Comments Off on South Wairarapa Rebus Club

The South Wairarapa Rebus Club next meets on Friday 22 March to hear Denise and Dougal MacKenzie of Te Rakau Birding describe their environmental restoration project at Ocean Beach. The following Friday, 29 March, we have chartered a bus to take us to see the project, followed by lunch at the Lake Ferry pub.

At our February meeting Jim Field entertained a fascinated audience with stories from his extensive experience as a police dog handler. His start with dogs was laying trails for police dogs during training sessions, having met up with three handlers over a beer. Once he had passed his permanent appointment exam, taken after the end of an extensive probationary period, he “applied for a pup” and was accepted for training. Handlers got their dogs at three months of age and spent nine months socialising them. At one year of age they were taken to the police dog training centre in Trentham for a 13 week training period. After graduating as a team, Jim and his first dog, Voss, were posted initially to Palmerston North. He was later the first police dog handler to be based in Masterton. He had three dogs during his 13 years as a handler. With his third dog, Rhys, he still holds the record for the number of arrests in a year, 97, more than twice as many as the next highest total. Today Rhys stands mounted in the Police Museum, complete with tracking harness and in tracking pose.  … Continue Reading

Waihinga Park and Playground given the green light

March 15, 2019 March 2019 Comments Off on Waihinga Park and Playground given the green light

It’s a green light to complete the park and playground at the new Waihinga Centre.   The Council have approved the design in principle and given the Waihinga Charitable Trust the go ahead to seek expressions of interest for the construction   This could begin as early as May this year. 

The upgraded playground will include opportunities for imaginative play for children of all ages and abilities.  Much of the equipment will be new but many of the existing play elements are to be repurposed and relocated. This will minimise costs and preserve some of the iconic equipment, such as the flying fox, that has been used and loved by the community. … Continue Reading

Star founder found 

March 15, 2019 March 2019 Comments Off on Star founder found 

The story of founder of the original founder of the Martinborough Star continues:

“While I was in Martinborough I met Dick Seddon. He was a man who had the common touch.  He remarked to me that a man’s view of politics was his own affair, but he had a right to know the facts as they appeared to the men closest to the heart of things, and small newspapers played a valuable part in informing those to whom the metropolitan papers were not easily available. 

In the early years of the century I was doing well enough to employ old ‘comps’, or compositors; men who set up the type, and distribute it; they were usually men who drifted round the country, down on their luck for one reason or another, taking work where they could find it.  They seldom stayed long, but I had a good deal of sympathy for them.  

Most of them had worked on city papers, not very pleasant work in those early days when they had to contend with long hours which often lead to too many visits to the nearest pub; and also with the coming of linotyping, and new methods which they were too old to learn. They would take any work, but they were happiest near the smell of printing ink; I could understand that, and when they were sober they were often very good company  … Continue Reading

The three centenarians

March 15, 2019 March 2019 Comments Off on The three centenarians

At the last census there were 558 centenarians in New Zealand.   What is amazing that three of them live right here in Martinborough, at Wharekaka.   I decided to ask each to tell me the most exciting thing that had happened in their long lives.

Gladys Stephen, the oldest resident, is 103.  When she was born the First World War was still raging and New Zealand had barely 1 million people.    Age has taken its toll on her memory so when I asked my question I got a rather unexpected answer.  She looked at me sharply and said, “We didn’t talk about that sort of thing in those days.” 

For Mina Imeson the big thrill was when she sold her first paintings.  “I didn’t know I had it in me” she says of her surprise at discovering her artistic abilities late in life.   In her room there’s a large oil painting she did not long before she lost her sight and had to give up art.   It shows the schoolhouse where Captain Cook was a pupil back in Yorkshire where Mina was also brought up. 

Like many of his generation Dennis Maugham had more adrenaline-inducing experiences than a person might want, courtesy of World War II.    On the plus side his Royal Navy service provided great camaraderie, plenty of adventure and travel all over the world.  Excitement of the least desirable kind arrived when his command, motor gun boat X325, was sunk off the French coast in 1941 with the loss of 17 of the 27 men on board.

The introduction of hospital level care at Wharekaka in 2017 has made it possible for these older people to stay in Martinborough near their families rather than moving into care elsewhere.    “This is exactly what we hoped would happen when we made the big decision to upgrade” says Joy Cooper, Chair of the Wharekaka Trust.   “ Perhaps the excellent care we provide will enable more residents to qualify for that special letter from the Queen.”



The mighty green and black

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Martinborough Ladies’ Hockey Club

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