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From the Mayor

March 15, 2019 March 2019 Comments Off on From the Mayor

What a precious resource drinking water is, and what a testing time this past month has been. Thank you once again to everyone who has worked with us and helped us through this situation, or just kept on going despite the challenges.

I am very relieved that the boil water notice has been lifted and that, the actions we took when faced with very low levels of E coli, prevented any potential increase in illness. Nonetheless, Council recognises the inconvenience the boil notice caused to businesses and residents. At the time of writing, a post-incident review is being undertaken and meetings are being planned with the members of the Martinborough Business Association, and the with the wider community, to share what happened and the lessons learned.

At the Council meeting on 20 February, the Council voted positively to bring forward the installation of the manganese extraction plant, which was detailed in, and consulted on as part of the Long Term Plan process. The original timeframe for installation was set for the financial year 2021/22. By bringing this forward, if there were to be another event like we’ve just had, the situation could be resolved a lot more quickly with chlorination. We are aware that not everyone is in favour of chlorination, and so the basis for this, in terms of whether chlorination would be on an ‘as required’ or permanent (residual) basis, would need to be discussed with the community, and in particular, with the wineries, to fully understand all the impacts. We are also mindful that central government may make chlorination of drinking water compulsory as one of the recommendations of its Three Waters Review. Starting these conversations early will put us in a better position should this eventualise. … Continue Reading


March 15, 2019 March 2019 Comments Off on HAVE YOU GOT THE TALENT?

After the huge success of the inaugural Water-Mart Talent Wairarapa Competition in 2018 this year’s event is looking to be even bigger and better. 

Contestents must be a residents of Wairarapa and we are looking for a wide variety of talent from dancers, singers, musicians, comedians and anything in between. If you are 5 – 105 years old this is a show case for your talent. 

First prize for over 14 years is $1000 with a runner up prize of $500.

14 years and under first prize is $500 and 2 runners up prizes of $250.

The closing date for entries is 31 March and the entry fee is only $5.00. 

You can enter online:https:/talentwairarapa.co.nz/enter-talent-wairarapa/ or pick up a form at the Times Age or Wairarapa libraries.

Heats will be held during April and then semi finals at Kuranui and Makoura Colleges on either 25 May or 1 June.  

The Grand Finale will be at the Carterton Events Centre on Saturday 8 June 2019.  

Inner Wheel

March 15, 2019 March 2019 Comments Off on Inner Wheel

Well I’m back on deck. A big thanks to Liz Poynter and Kathleen Rushworth who graciously took over the newsletter in my absence.

To start the year, about 35 members and their families went to lunch at the iconic Lake Ferry Hotel. Apart from it being a bit chaotic with too few place settings and serving staff, a good time was had by all. And the seafood chowder was to die for!

One of our members, Alma Parr, a talented florist, compiled a beautiful Xmas box from club members’ thoughtful donations for a family whose young mother was suffering from a debilitating disease. She presented it to the family on Xmas Eve. It was an overwhelming and lovely surprise, so well received. We may well do the same for another worthy family for this Xmas. As the saying goes, it is often more satisfying to give than receive.

We have had a great start to our main fundraiser for the year, namely, catering for the hungry Rotarians working at the Martinborough Fair. Many of our members contributed hugely, a number making donations (dollars and /or food), and working in the kitchen, some starting at 4.30 am.  … Continue Reading


March 15, 2019 March 2019 Comments Off on Letters

It has taken me courage to write about the loss of my Beautiful Garry.  My grief has been more harrowing, than any of you, except his family. He was my husband.  I believe in his darkest moment, he took his life, to be near me.  I can understand the outpouring of grief from the community, but not for them searching to blame someone, for his choice of passing.

On the day of the funeral, there was, very vicious gossip, I had threats to my home and safety.  I was fragile, and did not want to be in this world either, on medication myself.  The Reverend Andy addressed this gossip as “brutal”.  In spite of this, gossip did not stop.  Those who did, had no facts, and made the rest up!!

Here are some facts.  Garry did not leave a note, and he was NEVER alone.  Best man Ricky, and Marie helped me care for him.  I did not take Gary off his medication.  He had been happy with me, and his Doctor agreed to start reducing his medication.  Garry was on a high with the wedding and honeymoon, and showed signs of slipping around 4th December.  He had a funeral of a friend, driving a bus, working for others, building plans, and other personal worries.  (NOT ME)

Garry and I did not socialize a lot. Our treat, was, out in the Nash for a drink.  Nobody knew us in a relationship, but for their information, we were very happy.  I am accused of treating this man, whom I cherished, badly.  (By Who??) Garry loved me.  We had a wonderful happy and fun wedding. … Continue Reading