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News from First Church

November 3, 2023 November 2023, Regular Features Comments Off on News from First Church

Hands up all those who will admit to dozing off in the middle of a turgid sermon. Or if not actually snoring in the pew, found their mind wandering about what might be served up for lunch later.

No such aberrant behaviour has been observed at First Church, primarily because of the unrelenting quality of Jim Veitch’s services. And of course the lusty singing.

This month, to further bolster the congregation’s enthusiasm we had the benefit of a lecture from visiting religious academic Professor Joan Taylor. She happens to be a kiwi but has spent much of her distinguished career in the hallowed halls of Harvard Divinity School Kings College London’s Department of Theology and Religious Studies. And more latterly Victoria University and the Australian Catholic University of Melbourne. 

She was therefore eminently suited to talk about her topic and book “Women Remembered – Jesus’ Female Disciples.” 

This sounded as if it could be an equivocal topic to misogynists who might think the role of women as encapsulated in the Bible is limited to a handful of stalwarts like Mary Magdalene, Mary, Martha, Sarah etc. Wrong.

A careful re appraisal of the evidence – biblical texts – especially the archaeological art of depicting  many women undertaking the full range of biblical functions – leads to the conclusion that their role has been gravely understated.

Joan’s supposition is that this minimisation was partly deliberate suppression due to male domination which was the social mores of the day. Emperor Constantine was one of the villains. These fascinating topics of stellar interest to both academics and church goers are under ongoing inspection and revision. 

Last word however goes to Bertie Shooster when he observed, “If the facts change I change my story”. Another Bertie ((Bertrand Russell) said that every grown-up needs to travel sceptically. And finally, if in doubt, try an alternative view of events from Mr D. Trump.

Meantime we applaud the stamina and erudition of Joan Taylor for shining a light on her entirely plausible version of the truth.

Kirk Fair – 25 and 26 November 2023   10 a.m. to 2.p.m. Town Hall, Waihinga Centre

The next item of ecclesiastical excitement is the Kirk Fair, which covers the usual excellent range of cakes, jams and preserves, produce, plants, men’s, and women’s high-end clothing and superior bric a brac, of course. Any donations are most welcome. Please contact Graham Howie 0274474082 or Ronnie Hawkins 06 3069277.

Fire Brigade Report

November 3, 2023 November 2023, Regular Features Comments Off on Fire Brigade Report

Brent Townsend

By Chief Fire Officer Jake Hawkins

We reached the milestone of 200 Medical First Responses so far this year at Labour Weekend and we are rapidly approaching 300 calls in total. 

Our new Medical Responders are on board with training completed, and are now out responding to help in the community. A big thanks to everyone whom generously donated at the Town Hall Market Days over the long weekend, it will ensure we have the best equipment on hand when we are called to assist.

We are starting our planning and training for the forecast El Nino summer ahead. Remember, if you smell smoke or see smoke its time to Dial 111 immediately.

We have responded to several vegetation fire lately, its drying out, and a worthwhile reminder for people to be careful with controlled burns, check the weather and fire seasons with permit requirements for all types of fires (including braziers and cooking fires) – these can be checked anytime online at www.checkitsalright.nz 

Congratulations to Brett Townsend on completing thye Station Officers Course and his promotion to Station Officer and to Tamara Hudepohl, John Crighton and Corina Lawson on completing their Qualified Firefighter Course, all the feedback was hugely positive with lots of new skills ready for consolidation over the next few months. … Continue Reading

Country Dog City Dog

November 3, 2023 November 2023, Regular Features Comments Off on Country Dog City Dog

Maree’s Musings

November 3, 2023 November 2023, Regular Features Comments Off on Maree’s Musings

Sandcastles and Sundry stuff 

I’m over election fever, and probably you are too. Something completely different was called for. But sandcastles? The word actually popped up in an electioneering speech. I have no idea why now, but that was enough. 

We all have a sandcastle in our life. Their utility value is nil, although their artistic merit makes up for that. Size doesn’t generally matter, and they only last until the next big wave or deliberate demolishment [I made that up] by its creator, making me wonder if transience is in the builder’s mind, perhaps reflecting the transience of life. Golly! 

The art of sandcastle building is nearly as old as time, but documented evidence started much later. The first recorded ones were built by the 14th Century [that’s the 1300’s – to save you doing the math] by Indian poet Balaram Das as an expression of devotion. I do hope his devotion lasted longer than his icons. 

Inevitably, the competitive spirit soon took hold. In 2021, the world’s biggest sandcastle was created in the small Danish seaside town of Blokhus. At higher than 69ft, it toppled the previous German one [figuratively speaking, naturally]. And it also had a message. 

Here’s the story. The Dutchman Wilfred Stijger and 30 of his mates used nearly 5,000 tonnes of sand, with 10% clay added to aid cohesion, and a protective layer of glue so it would survive for a while. The completed work was a pyramid, with a replica of the coronavirus wearing a crown on top, and built to represent the power that Covid had had since the pandemic’s beginning.  … Continue Reading


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Martinborough WFC: First-ever home game

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Martinborough Golf

By Karen Stephens An annual favourite, the Beef & Burgundy Ambrose held on Friday 10 May, saw a great turnout in favourable conditions (thank goodness it wasn’t the previous day when winter arrived with full force!)  Top honours went to the team of Michael Bing, Shane Colton, Tiawharangi Aranui, and …

Golf clubhouse fundraising builds up

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Country Dog City Dog

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