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Martinborough Golf Round-Up

September 23, 2019 Regular Features, September 2019, Sports Comments Off on Martinborough Golf Round-Up

9-holers celebrating 21 years – (founding members left to right: Nita Edwards, Dinny Pearce, Jenny Tucker, Denise Sandall, Carole Butler, Ann Parkinson, Sherryl Howie, Maureen Thurlow & Carol Parkinson).

Goodbye winter, see you next year; hello spring, and already the ends of the day are creeping slowly longer – hooray!! The course is looking great and has been playing well, although some challenging days have provided some competitive scores.

Grumpies will kick us off, and big news in August was Terry Blacktop –  Grumpies head honcho and organiser of the Grumps scoring a hole-in-one on number 6, I think it’s his 3rd on our course, plus one in Australia…not a bad tally Terrence!! Other winners have been Alan Eagle, Pete Price and Gary Cuttance.

The 9-holers celebrated a special event in August – 21 years since their first event, the founding members were there and all participants enjoyed a round of golf with cake, followed by dinner then breakfast at the Village Café.  Winners in August have included, Sherryl Howie and Jaquee Read.

Ladies golf winners last month were, Lyle Griffiths…and yes…. Julie Weber…three times; is this woman unstoppable?! … Continue Reading

Maree’s musings

September 23, 2019 Regular Features, September 2019 Comments Off on Maree’s musings

ONE for the BIRDS

I’m probably (and hopefully) not alone in having a liking for our bird population in town. I know that can be rather a nuisance at times. If they could learn to avoid the vineyards, building nests and crapping where they shouldn’t, that would help. But they often bring joy, at least to me.

In my garden I have two hanging feed bowls for birdseed, one of those fancy pine-cone things slathered in a pot-pourri of fat, peanut butter and more birdseed, and a very classy apple-holder complete with a convenient perch. As well, there are  seven redcurrant bushes and a few cranberry shrubs which I carelessly planted under one of the birdfeeders. A garden border of strawberries too. (Note to self: think ahead when planning my next garden.)

We all know birds love bird baths and water dishes to drink from, so I’ve included three of those too. And then there’s the fishpond. Part of the morning routine involves replenishing the above. The birds are usually waiting for breakfast (that’s probably a misnomer, as they’d eat all day I reckon) and it’s only a few seconds before there’s a rush to the tuckshop. They completely ignore my cat who sits close by before grumpily giving up and coming back inside for his biscuits. Much less effort!

All this carry-on has at times inspired me to jot down a poem or two (one of my other time-wasting passions); so I thought you would like to share the ones here. For the experts, they are ‘haiku’ – which are three line verses of five, seven and five syllables, and contain a single idea. A bonus: they don’t take long to write down, though thinking them up is sometimes not so easy.

Enjoy! … Continue Reading


September 23, 2019 Regular Features, September 2019 Comments Off on Letters

A few figures

In the lead-up to the local body elections I have been attempting to get some information out of SWDC so that there is a bit more transparency around the spending on some recent projects.

I want to know all the details of the build costs for the Waihinga Centre and also the operating costs and income.

No luck with the build costs –  five weeks after my OIA request the only information I was provided was-  “$5.37 M ‘including approx $1M for work to the Old Hall.” This figure has been widely stated in the media. Do you like the ‘approx $1M’ ? Careful and prudent use of public money and private donations? We cannot know.

However – We have an answer on Operating Costs. Figures provided attached.

In the six months to June 2019 a total of $156,358.00 so tracking at $312,716.00 for the year. In other words $6,000 a week.

Income from the centre’s tenants confirmed at $24,000 PA

I think the approx 1800 residents of Martinborough may be interested to know this and if they think it represents value for their money.

Karen Krogh


Pain Farm Land Trust

I lived in Martinborough for almost thirty years and I still have half my heart there. There should be not the current problem of fixing the two Pain Farm dwellings if you look at the amount that it received from the current lease at $66,000 a year.

I estimate that the Council will have received approximately $1,500,000 in that time, and yet there is apparently no money to make the repairs.  Since the money can only be spent on children’s projects and there has not been any major expenditure for the children of Martinborough in the last twenty five years I wonder what has happened to that money?  

I ask the Mayor, Councillors and members of the Community Board as they are the administrators of the Pain Farm Trust and the money should be in an account separate from the General Account.

Remember then guys at the  October election .

Bob Petelin

Know your town – Martinborough Reading Room 1894 – 2019

September 23, 2019 Regular Features, September 2019 Comments Off on Know your town – Martinborough Reading Room 1894 – 2019

In December 1893 it was reported that one hundred and fifty pounds (2019 = $29,378) had been raised for a Literary Institute, and that Martinborough (not Waihinga) had wanted a new Library building for some time. In May of the following year it was announced that a Natusch plan had been accepted and the building would be proceeded with shortly. 

Ten months later the building was officially opened with the total cost being two hundred and twenty six pound (2019 = $44,263), considerably more than what had been raised. The Wairarapa paper praised the ‘Posh new Reading and Chess room plus small Library’. Martinborough had a chess club and for the first six years it was really a gentlemen’s club rooms. The paper’s report also noted that ‘the new Post Office building looked drab in comparison to the new Reading Rooms’

The building was officially opened on the afternoon of Thursday 18th October 1894 by John Martin.  In his speech John Martin referred to the efforts of the people in erecting a ‘handsome and commodious library for the district. The building reflects credit on the architect Mr Natusch. The building’s style of a Gentleman’s Club House and it’s being comfortable, completely furnished  and well stocked with papers, periodicals,  illustrated magazines and books’. He also said that great credit must go to the local committee for the Dance and Concert in the Town Hall in aid of Library funds. 

The Library received an entry in the 1896 New Zealand Cyclopaedia: ‘Martinborough Public Reading Room contains Weeklies from all parts of New Zealand. Opening hours 9 am to 9.30 pm No persons under the age of sixteen years may enter the building. Officers J Martin Jnr president, C W Lee (schoolmaster) treasurer, Rev J Lymburn secretary, they under Featherston Roads Board’. … Continue Reading


Martinborough Junior Hockey – 2019 Results and Prizegiving

Our 1st XI team came so close to victory in their final of the A-grade competition against rivals, MIS Falcons.  Martinborough scored an early goal in the first half of the game and held their defence until MIS scored a late goal in the final 3 minutes to draw 1-1 …

Kahutara School Hockey Wrap-up

Kahutara School managed to enter a total of three teams in various Wairarapa Hockey Association junior grades played at Clareville Hockey Stadium this season, a mean feat for a school of our size.  The Kahutara Blue team played Tuesday nights in the 6 Aside quarter field grade. The team did …

Junior Rugby

Our 2019 JAB season has come to an end, we have had an another amazing season with some awesome results. 2019 saw MRFC have around 75 registered players each year our numbers continue to grow and we have some huge things in the pipeline for 2020. Congratulations to all players …

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