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Fire Brigade Report

February 13, 2024 February 2024, Regular Features Comments Off on Fire Brigade Report

By Chief Fire Officer Jake Hawkins

What a year it has been for our Brigade. I am so proud of the dedication shown by our fantastic Firefighters and Medical Responders.

In 2023 we attended a TOTAL of 325 calls. 

A massive 251 Medical Responses was included in that total, making us the busiest First Response unit in New Zealand!

I cannot say how lucky our community is to have all these people so generously give their time to train and be there any hour of the day or night to help in your hour of need. Already this year we have completed 25 Medical calls as part of 32 calls in total, and it’s just the end of the month.

We were able to celebrate this service during our Honours Night late last year, which provides a little recognition to our members and included another 25 Year Gold Star awarded in our Brigade, to Station Officer Chris Hooson.

During the year we have lost three members who have moved out of the district and we thank Station Officer Justin Hudepohl, QFF Callam Tannant, and QFF Tamara Hudepohl for all their time and service. 

I know they are being snapped up on transfer by their local Brigades.

The loss of these members to other towns means we are on the lookout for both Firefighters and Medical Responders, especially during the weekdays. 

If you want to know more please contact me or come down on a Tuesday night for a chat, we start our years training on Tuesday 13 February.

On the training front, congratulations to Dylan Ross for completing his Qualified Firefighter Course, the first course completed in 2024 by the Brigade. 

The District is in a TOTAL FIRE BAN currently and we have already attended several large vegetation fires,\. Please be vigilant operating machinery, and if you are not sure check www.checkitsalright.nz which has all the up-to-date information and advice around fires.

Little things – with big impact

February 13, 2024 February 2024, Regular Features Comments Off on Little things – with big impact

February is here and 2024 is in full swing. It has been a festive and bustling wine village over the summer holidays!

Thanks to all those who commented or reached out to comment on a solution that has had a big impact during the holiday period. The coffee fix chalkboard was a simple solution to an ongoing conversation to support our visitors in knowing where to get their coffee and we seemed to hit a winner!

No fancy app or online requirement just a simple chalkboard sign. It proved that sometimes simple is best. This a message we often come back to time and time again here at Martinborough Business Association _ along with stick to your knitting. 

We know what we do well, Martinborough is a tourist destination built around its world-class wine which is accompanied by great food, award-winning olive oil, gin, chocolate _  the list goes on and on.

The Martinborough Business Association is excited about the potential that 2024 holds for local businesses through tourism, both domestically and internationally. With its unique charm, exceptional producers, accredited dark sky and a passionate community driving it all Martinborough is set to shine on the global tourism stage.

The association encourages businesses to embrace this opportunity, collaborate, and collectively work towards making Martinborough a premier destination.

Here’s to an exciting year ahead.

First church News

February 13, 2024 February 2024, Regular Features Comments Off on First church News

So, another ecclesiastical year has bitten the dust with the new one well under way. 2023 at First Church was deemed to be a success – whether judged by the performance of the dedicated team responsible for church admin, the credit balance from fundraising activities or even the quality and venue of each Sunday’s choral cacophony. 

The efforts and delivery of our pianist/organist Bob Bargh deserves special note (literally and figuratively!)

Firstly, on account of the continuing dexterity of his venerable playing fingers given their (and his) age of 94, and then for his willingness to turn up rain or shine and deliver every week at the keyboards. We the congregation respond by singing or shouting as lustily as we dare, even if the psalmic melody we hear is a complete mystery.

Church attendance without music would be a drab affair and as rank amateurs we don’t do too badly. Due to their familiarity the organ – assisted Christmas carols verged on the professional (not confessional!).

As you know Sunday services are normally conducted in the community hall adjacent to the church. This is in keeping with the relative informality of these occasions (minus any clapping or shouting) because lively conversations both before and after the service are the First Church way and are evidence of its tight communal spirit.

It is a well-known fact of contemporary church life that congregations are dwindling in size and tending towards the geriatric. You could say that this just confirms that age and wisdom go together!  … Continue Reading

Country Dog City Dog

February 13, 2024 February 2024, Regular Features Comments Off on Country Dog City Dog


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