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Viv Napier

September 23, 2019 September 2019 Comments Off on Viv Napier

During my time as Mayor, I’m proud that South Wairarapa has continued to grow, our wonderful towns and rural areas are thriving and new business start-ups, exciting new tourism projects and community events are all underway. The recently announced Wairarapa Business Award finalists include seven South Wairarapa businesses in the five categories.

Our school rolls have increased, and more and more young families and creative entrepreneurs are choosing to make the South Wairarapa their home. There are new ventures in the pipeline that will cater for our senior citizens and expand medical services in the South Wairarapa. All these initiatives help to improve the liveability of our district.

Importantly, Council is making progress on our infrastructure needs, including new wastewater management across our three main towns. Proposals to maximise the use of council facilities have been implemented and we now have free swimming in our pools and reduced fees for library users.

The new Waihinga Centre has seen the return of local productions and festivals to the Town Hall. The Centre is now the heart of Martinborough with locals and visitors alike using the new facility. … Continue Reading

Alex Beijen

September 23, 2019 September 2019 Comments Off on Alex Beijen


I am standing for Mayor of South Wairarapa to bring back common sense and transparency to our fantastic community.

I’ve lived in the Wairarapa for 20 years, with my wife of 26 years and 3 children, and live on a farm in the South Wairarapa. My relevant work experience includes as an engineering general manager for the past 5 years and 2 years as a Senior Advisor to the Wellington City Council. Furthermore, I worked for the i-site in Martinborough for many years gaining valuable insight into the South Wairarapa community. 

Waste water treatment methodology, drinking water quality and processes and waste recycling are the main areas of concern as what is done today will impact what will be in the future for many generations to come. Actions such as monitoring and reviewing both waste water and drinking water will allow for appropriate exploration of alternatives so we can get it done once and done right. Additionally, exploring the potential for a community-run waste management program could reduce landfill tonnage to 30% of delivered waste and actually take responsibility for our waste, rather than send it to another region. … Continue Reading

Graeme Farr

September 23, 2019 September 2019 Comments Off on Graeme Farr


How have we not managed to build a road tunnel through the Remutaka’s in 50 years? Sixty-five years ago, we could build a 9km tunnel for rail so why can’t build one a third of the length now? Countries like Norway, with a similar population to NZ, has 1000 road tunnels – one is 24km long! 

I am standing for Mayor for all three Wairarapa councils to get people thinking about it.

There have been reports and plans done in 1967, 1995 and 2008. The latest 2008 report simply stated the only option was $800M and therefore unaffordable. Yet Norway, and even Iceland with less people than Wellington, see to be able to build tunnels with ease and at very low cost. 

What is surprising is the short length of the tunnel required. Although the new route would be 9km – down from 14km over the hill – the tunnel need only be about 2km long and take around two minutes to drive through. Ideal is a twin tunnel like the two recent Auckland projects, but a lower speed single two-way one like the similar length 1964 built one in Lyttelton would be far better than any improvements to the hill road. Lyttelton cost $90 million in todays money and was not damaged by the earthquakes. Their hill road took 8 years to reopen.  … Continue Reading

Dayle Harwood

September 23, 2019 September 2019 Comments Off on Dayle Harwood

During my term as Mayor I will be working with all of South Wairarapa on what I have termed the 4 x S’s, they are sustainable spending and solutions not sorry’s.

Sustainable spending:

There is much talk about climate change and the effects, change is apparent, the level of change is still subjective.  Another more immediate challenge is the level of spending within local government, for South Wairarapa this is for waste water schemes, replacement programs for underground infrastructure and the potential for spending due to climate change.

With a new CEO, a new team of Councillors, a spatial plan being consulted on, a review of the financial strategy along with public consultation is needed around the levels of Capital expenditure, should works be accelerated and maximise the advantages of historically low borrowing rates?, could there be a deferral of funding of depreciation with the intention of future generations funding that portion which could offset any additional funding now?.

Separately to the financial strategy and equally is important is a substantial amount of work on the Drinking Water, Waste Water and Storm waters (3 Waters) strategies and policies, this has been escalated by Council becoming a shareholder in Wellington Water, rationalisation of strategies to better reflect expectation of monitoring and reporting, ownership and continuing investigation into new technologies and methodologies to ensure the success of the new partnership. 
… Continue Reading


Thanks to our sponsors

The Martinborough Football Club held the P+K Marty Masters Se7ens on the 31 October, and it was a huge success. Thanks to all our amazingly generous sponsors; P+K Martinborough, Mitre10 Martinborough, Cool Change, The Claremont Hotel, Top10 Holiday Park Martinborough, Martinborough Vineyard,  Circus Cinema, Ata Rangi, HealthFit, Physio Spot, Dry …

Martinborough Golf Report

At the end of October we held the finals of the Club Championships in near perfect conditions.  In the Seniors Division Tony Russo took on Lance Phelps with Tony shooting a magnificent 63 in the morning round and continuing that form into the afternoon, finally winning on the 25th hole.  …

Martinborough Golf Report

Another very busy month at the Golf Club which began with the Mens 54/36 Hole Open.  The players had to endure some very windy conditions on the Saturday but fortunately the weather was a lot kinder on the Sunday.  Winners of the 54 Hole Division were:  Best Gross Owen Lloyd, …

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