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Congratulations Maree

May 15, 2019 May 2019 No Comments

Our congratulations go to Maree Roy for her very well deserved Service Award. The Midweek had an excellent write up of Maree’s many and various involvements in making the world a better place. It is just as well the Midweek  covered the award fairly comprehensively as Maree, being Maree,  is very reluctant to have further publicity. 

However, what was not mentioned was Maree’s involvement with the Star. Maree has been an active supporter  from the Star’s inception particularly as  the go to person if a delivery round became suddenly in need of a deliverer as the usual person was unable to do it. Maree has cheerfully helped out at the last minute dozens of times. 

On the writing front we are gifted Maree’s Monthly Musings; amusing, informing and sometimes challenging.  This is a hugely enjoyed salmagundi of cogitation which put we lesser folk’s brains into overdrive. And we love it. 

So, once again congratulations Maree, and from all you have touched with your kindness and humour a BIG THANKS.

The Star team

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