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THE AVERAGE cost of a hospital stay for a Covid patient is between $68,000 and $77, 000. The average cost of a Covid vaccination is $15. Non vaccinated give far more money to Big Pharma by allowing infectious disease that by vaccinating. 

1897 THE BEST selling car in the US was an electric vehicle: the Pope Manufacturing Company’s Columbia Motor Carriage. Electric models were outselling steam- and petrol-powered ones. By 1900, sales of steam vehicles had taken a narrow lead: that year, 1,681 steam vehicles, 1,575 electric vehicles and 936 petrol-powered vehicles were sold. Only with the launch of the Olds Motor Works’ Curved Dash Oldsmobile in 1903 did petrol-powered vehicles take the lead for the first time.

THE GOVERNMENT’S  communications spend has jumped more than 50 per cent in four years, and is now costing the taxpayer close to $90 million a year. The number of full-time communications  staff increased from 564 to 845. The biggest spender was the New Zealand Transport Agency/Waka Kotahi at $8.2m over 2020/21, up from $2.6m in 2016/17. The number of staff there in communications roles has increased from 32 to 68.

‘MEN OCCASIONALLY stumble across the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing has happened’ – Winstone Churchill

TWENTY YEARS  later. The “Coalition of the Willing” – formed in anger and grief after the Twin Towers – has withdrawn from Afghanistan and the fight that cost the USA $300 million A DAY (or so Forbes estimates) for all those 20 years.

ACCORDING TO THE Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority 235,000 heat pumps have been installed in New Zealand homes over the last  twelve months 

‘EVERY POLITICIAN  has a promising career. Unfortunately most of them do not keep those promises’ –Hussein Nishar 

THE LAST TIME that England was successfully invaded was  when William of Orange landed in Torbay on 5 th November 1668 leading an army made up of Dutch soldiers reinforced by German and Danish Huguenot troops to defeat King James the second.

‘TRUTH IS STRANGER than fiction because fiction is obliged to stick with possibilities; truth isn’t ‘ Mark Twain

RIO TINTO’S contract price for power supplied by Meridian Energy is $35 a megawatt hour. NZ wholesalers pay $224 an hour with the on sold average retail price being $293 an hour.

The deadline for the Christmas issue is 4pm Wednesday November 24th 

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