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Learning to live without a car. 

December 19, 2018 December 2019 No Comments

Events can occur in our lives that change our lifestyle : Losing access to a car through whatever reason is one . It often comes upon us suddenly but we can be prepared . . . . .   thinking about some of the options available now,  gives us more power to make decisions when/if it does happen. 

These are some of the community options available : your first consideration may be Public Transport, such as buses by Tranzit or trains by Metlink. You can now buy a SNAPPER card from TRANZIT which makes bus fare paying so much easier for all local buses. Remember, Super Gold Card holders can travel for FREE –  9am to 3pm weekdays and during weekends on all buses and trains.

For medical visits within Wairarapa :

St John Wairarapa Health Shuttle pick up and deliver you home , Monday to Friday but you must make a booking at least 24 hours ahead. This is free but donation’s appreciated.   Red Cross Wairarapa also provide medical transport assistance within Wairarapa (and the wider province).  Whaiora Whanui, a whanau centred service can provide transport vouchers for their clients. 

CCS & Age Concern can arrange Taxi Vouchers. 

Grocery shopping online is great if you live without a car . A charge of about $12 will be made for delivery to your home , around the cost of a taxi trip.

So there’s no need to despair – take a while to work out what services are available to you personally. Don’t let your previous reliance on your car,  hamper your thinking. You can get out there even if you no longer drive.

Tranzit Freephone 0508 8726948  www.tranzit.co.nz / Metlink Freephone 0800 801700  wwwmetlink.org.nz / St John Freephone  0800 785646 www.stjohn.org.nz  or 06 378 7933 / Red Cross phone 06 377 3586 www.redcross.org.nz  / Whaiora Free phone 080049446 www.whaiora.org.nz or  06 370 0818 /Age Concern phone 06 377 066 www.ageconcern.org.nz CCS Wairarapa : Free phone 0800 227 2255  www.ccsdisabilityaction.org.nz   

Wairarapa Citizens Advice Bureau , 43 Perry Street Masterton , Phone 06 377 0078 or 0800 367 222 Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm  wairarapa@cab.org.nz  www.cab.org.nz


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