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June 11, 2018 June2018, Regular Features No Comments

Not good enough

Today, 23 May, we again find ourselves questioning the competency of our Council and their employees. Wednesday, one of the 3 days the Landfill opens for a few hours, open according to Council information 1-3pm, so arriving  at 135pm I find a queue of traffic parked alongside the road, posing a potential risk to motorists on an open section of road with a 100kph speed limit, awaiting the landfill gates to open..

Upon ringing the Council I am told it is closed today as contractors are putting up new netting, and our Council has put this in a paper advertisement (not your fine publication) and on a “Facebook Page” to let everyone know. 

None of the waiting queue, even if they use “Facebook” ever think to look at the Council’s page to see if the services they provide are functioning !!, and yet this is how they consider they have communicated with their ratepayers. We are also told there is supposed to be a sign on the gate, which after much searching a laminated piece of printed paper is found down a fence line obviously blown off in the recent or overnight winds (who would have thought we have wind here!).

Not good enough SWDC – you open the landfill a meagre few hours each week, and ratepayers who use and pay the fees you charge are entitled to a better service and better contingency planning around what is obviously planned maintenance.

Chris Hooson

Music Festival

Having read Winifred Bull’s excellent profile of Wilma Smith in the May edition of “STAR for her upcoming appearances at this years Martinborough Music Festival. In addition to my admiration for Wilma may I also add the name of Diedre Irons who is also announced as appearing in Martinborough. Diedre is one of our most treasured residents and I will personally welcome hearing her again after a long break. Her recordings all have a special attraction to them but anyone looking for a complete set of the Beethoven Piano Concertos should look no further than Diedre’s with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marc Taddei. These are available on Trust Records through Marbeck’s Records in Auckland.

Perhaps Winifred could write a profile on Diedre in the coming months.


Leslie Austin

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