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May 15, 2019 May 2019, Regular Features No Comments

Ripped off

The magnificent Terracotta Warriors have revealed themselves and given us a glimpse back in time of a hugely resourceful, probably coercive,  imaginative and spiritually connected civilisation. Unfortunately, at the same time, Te Papa choses to demean itself and all it’s local and international visitors by banging a ‘service fee’ on top of its entrance fee. For the privilege of paying cash for my entrance fee of $19, i paid and extra $2.50, an increase on their advertised price of over 13%.

After much unforthcoming correspondence, which i won’t bore you with, Te Papies PR Man Syd Duflou finally stated baldly  “We felt this fee was a way of being able to generate additional revenue for us”. Consumer NZ sighed with despondency. Ticketek didn’t trouble themselves to take the time to respond.  I’m still waiting on the Commerce Commission to see what they might have to say about this devious price gouging that many people i’ve spoken with are also offended by.

Doug Harris

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