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Not good enough 

Why was the notification regarding the water pipe flushing so poorly managed by the personnel responsible?

The initial ‘boil water’ notification arrived to me via my Ipad and I was impressed that this happened.  Following this a vehicle drove the street in the early evening with lights flashing and something being said over a loud speaker.  Many people never heard exactly what was being said as it was so distorted and others never even heard more than a commotion as it was a time when televisions would be on in homes.  When I went down my driveway to find out what the hubbub was, I was grateful to find a notification in my letterbox clearly informing me to boil all water.  

Later I received a second notification (dated 30 April) informing me about the ‘pipe flushing’ that was to be carried out.  My home at 23A Dublin Street was to be flushed on Wednesday 8 May at a time that would be confirmed nearer that day.  The remainder of the information was reasonably clear with the exception of some streets not being named and the map being extremely small to decipher.  However, a magnifying glass assisted here.

On the morning of the 8th, having received no further information regarding the time of the flushing, I phoned the person on the leaflet to ask when it was to happen.  I informed the person of my address and she told me the flushing would be between 12 noon and 6pm that day.  I then informed neighbours of the actual time so that they were prepared.

I had no idea that this action was not carried out!

When walking my dog at around 5.30pm on Thursday 9 May I see a paper sticking out of my letterbox and there is information, dated 3 May, telling me that the ‘pipe flushing’ for my address was to happen on Friday 10 May.  I have spoken with others who never received this notification.  Perhaps it was still in their letter boxes as most people never look in them after the time of our deliveries on our actual delivery day.  This notification was an improvement on the first though it still never gave an actual time-span for the work.

I am well aware of the enormity of the task that faces the Council with our water problem in Martinborough and I am prepared to support in any way I can through this difficult time.  However, when members of our Council and their staff are not able to organise a procedure such as the water flushing, informing residents systematically, clearly, accurately and timely, how are we as residents to have faith that this massive problem can be corrected?    

I am asking that council managment reassure me, and those around me, that you are up to the task of clear, concise organization – with adequate, accurate community information – no matter how difficult the wider water problem may be.

I remain, a community member in doubt,

Patricia Hill

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