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Library Book Club

May 15, 2019 May 2019 No Comments

We meet at the library on the second Friday of the month at 10am and anyone is welcome to join us

No particular book is chosen instead we all have the opportunity to talk about a book or books that we have found intriguing. It is always interesting to see what grabs who’s attention as we all read many and varying books which open our minds to new ideas. The beauty of book club, is here we have a group of people who love books and reading, where we are all welcome to bring our insights and have a discussion around that certain book that has claimed our attention.

Last time we had Alex, so delighted to find that a book he thought was a really great book “Aftermath The Remnants of War” had been read by two of our members and we agreed with his findings. I would say this tome opens our eyes to the activity that is necessary after a conflict. Like all the unexploded shells that still remain in French forests, or the ongoing effects of Agent Orange to the clean up required in nuclear testing sites. Each chapter is a story in it’s own right. Thanks Alex

Then we have another woman saying I have been reading feminist books and it’s all about consent!

And some of us who read heaps can’t decide, so here we have three books being discussed “No Beast so Fierce” the story of the Champawat tiger who was thought to have eaten over 400 victims “Nine pints” the story of blood plus a fictional book “A Woman is No Man” about a Palestinian refugee who makes her home in the USA. All these books had the effect of seeing the world is not always as we presume. For instance man had a great hand in bringing about the tiger that became a man eater.

Or we are pretty certain to have one set in Italy – this time it is part of a series and the comment is volume 3 is disappointing

So Book Club is a good place for those who love reading, meeting in a small town library that as far as the selection of books on it’s shelves punches far above it’s weight. I am so delighted, when I visit Unity bookshop in Wellington to find I have already read many of their new books because Martinborough library has purchased them!

It is nice to have the space and design of our new library but I have one reservation it can be quite noisy. A couple of months ago we gave up on our meeting as the music from the café was too intrusive. I would love to have no music but the compromise should be no music with a heavy bass line.

The next meeting will be held on the 10th May Come and join us.

Glenys Hansen.

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