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November 21, 2018 November 2018 No Comments

Town Hall Memorabilia

Do you have any photos or other memorabilia relating to the old Town Hall?  

The Museum hopes to hold a small exhibition to coincide with the official opening of the Waihinga Centre later in the year.   If you have old photos, programmes, articles or other memorabilia you would be willing to loan, or allow to be copied for this event, it would be really appreciated. Maybe you even have a story or two (funny/scandalous/nostalgic).

If you can help please contact Derek Wilson on 306 9722.

New Acquisitions and Old Connections

A recent visitor to the museum (Lynlee Johnson née Herrick) has donated a book she published incorporating her Great Uncle’s World War I letters home.  Some older Martinborough residents may remember him.  His name was Ivan Moore and he died here in 1953.  

Ivan was not Lynlee’s only connection with Martinborough.   Her grandmother, May Herrick, was librarian in the 1950s.   Lynlee spend summer holidays staying in the rooms at the back of what is now the museum.  It was the Librarian’s home back then.    When Mrs Herrick retired the Council presented her with a painting of the museum by an artist called C.R.Hardie.  Does anybody know anything about this artist?

Introducing the Reading Room

Sometimes people visit the museum to browse our collection of old papers and magazines or books about the area.   To make this a more comfortable experience we have set up a dedicated reading room.  

The room will also have a working typewriter.  It is part of a plan to make the museum more interactive: children can marvel at old technology and adults can wonder at how much things have changed.


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