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If we can affirm each other, be as friend and not as foe, 

We can meet and share each other; plant respect and let it grow

At First Church we have celebrated Easter as told in the Gospel of St John.

We began our Easter journey on Passion or Palm Sunday by joining with the four other local churches in a thoughtful service of hymns and readings, The Road to Easter in which each church shared in the readings and chose a hymn as we traced each day of Easter week leading to Good Friday. This service was beautifully accompanied with music from Elizabeth Patchett, Milly Young and Bob Bargh. 

  On Good Friday we focussed on The Final Hours in the Life of the Galilean Preacher Jesus of Nazareth with seven further readings taking us to burial of Jesus. On Easter Sunday we looked at the conclusion of this Gospel that signalled a new beginning for the disciples of Jesus, as following their shock and grief after the crucifixion of Jesus, they rallied to work together to share the Jesus way with others.

Something truly to celebrate!

We are indebted to Rev. Jim Veitch for sharing his fresh insights, giving a more meaningful understanding of our faith today, and are glad this was shared with all Martinborough’s churches.

At the conclusion of the Lenten Studies undertaken by a group at First Church, we discovered The Charter of Compassion, formulated in 2009. This document transcends religious, ideological and national differences and calls for widespread acceptance of The Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would have them do to you.  It contains a striking paragraph calling for a return to the ancient principle that any interpretation of scripture that breeds violence, hatred or disdain is illegitimate…   reading this just after the attack on the Mosques in Christchurch really affected us. 

First Church has felt moved to write in the first instance to our Prime Minister, drawing attention to the Charter, adopted in 50 countries including Australia. In our letter we have suggested that our Government consider adopting this Charter as a follow up to the killing in Christchurch and our reactions to it. We feel we all need a positive way to set about challenging violence, and that widespread recognition of the Charter by individuals and communities could help.


Now, if anyone asks – Planning has begun for the 11th Monster Midwinter Book Fair.

This will take place on the weekend of 14-16 June, at the Town Hall. We need fresh stocks of books of all kinds, as we disposed of nearly all we had left from last year.

Collection points for books (please not torn or dirty) : The Library, Pain & Kershaw or contact Pam Colenso, Margaret Griffiths, Anne Dodd to arrange collection.

First Church wonders if there is someone “out there” who would volunteer to help us operate a Facebook page. 

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