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One for older folk

February 11, 2019 February 2019 No Comments

It is a tragedy how often people buy into the myth that our cognitive abilities inevitably diminish once we are in middle age.

If you are of over a ‘certain age you might enjoy this encouraging list from Psychology Today.

  • Leo Tolstoy learned to ride a bicycle at 67.
  • Queen Victoria began learning Hindustani at 68.
  • Giuseppe Verdi was still composing operas in his 80’s.
  • Somerset Maugham wrote his last book at 84.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright designed his last building at 89.
  • In their 90’s, Robert Frost was writing poems and George Bernard Shaw was writing plays. Georgia O’Keefe was painting pictures, and Pablo Casals was playing cello.
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes was still dominating the Supreme Court until he retired at 91.
  • Linus Pauling (chemist) was actively publishing just before his death at 93.

Leopold Stokowski (conductor) recorded 20 albums in his 90’s and signed a six-year contract at 96.

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