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Small Village – Big Impact!

December 19, 2018 December 2019 No Comments

Lets celebrate the changes that were made in our village in 2018 with banning plastic bags! It is heartening to see so many Martinborough Bags out and about. Both Pain & Kershaw and the Jellicoe Street dairy have done a splendid job in transitioning from plastic, and customers don’t seems to bat an eye, in fact the change has been well and truly embraced by locals.Ok, so what is next? How can we continue on this journey of reducing our waste and our environmental impact. One local business has reduced its takeaway coffee use by 50% by offering customers the reusable alternative – wow! This is especially awesome considering that takeaway coffee cups, even though they may say they are compostable, are in fact not as easy to compost as you would think. 

They need a specialised commercial composting facility to break down the material sufficiently. So don’t be fooled, each cup you throw away is making a huge impact on our environment whether it is ‘compostable’ or not.

The good news is, you can purchase a reusable coffee cup from most cafes here in Martinborough. It can be used again and again. And, I do know that most cafes will wash your cup for you, if you have forgotten to do so yourself. 

So, what a great gift idea for your partner, friend, family member. Pop into a local cafe and get a funky cup for Christmas, and pop it in a Bought to Support Boomerang Bag (you can buy these on Saturday’s from the Thunderpants workroom on Naples St) and voila! An eco friendly and totally (re)usable Christmas gift. Sorted 🙂


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