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The Featherston Community Centre supports the arts

March 15, 2019 March 2019 No Comments

One of the original drivers behind having an art sale was to give the Centre’s art groups an opportunity to exhibit their work in public. Featherston has become well known for its successful and creative artists, and the Featherston Community Centre is well known for its diverse arts and crafts groups: 

  • Juesday Art
  • Art for Everyone
  • Scrapbooking Saturday
  • Featherston Cloth Collective
  • Featherston Knitters
  • Let’s Get Creating
  • Highlight: Art for Everyone
  • Sandie Fletcher started the Art for Everyone (A4E) group when the REAP art class she was teaching ended. Members of the class decided they wanted to keep going, so she set up A4E with the support of the Featherston Community Centre.
  • “Art for Everyone is for people who just love to have time to draw or paint or hang out and talk about art,” said Sandie. 
  • Member Sandi Maddox shared, “For me, it’s about finding space to do something I love with a group of like-minded people that have become an important part of my life. We share friendship, chocolate, and tea.”
  • The artists all come from different backgrounds with different skills and perspectives. They spend their Tuesday evenings at the Centre sharing ideas, techniques, and inspiration with each other. 
  • “I get a creative buzz from the companionship and having a valid reason to get some ‘self-time’ outside of parenting,” said Helen Cronin. 
  • The group particularly love that the Centre is warm, bright, and light, and has a dedicated art room where members don’t have to worry about getting a little paint on the floor! 
  • Last year three of the A4E members exhibited in the Featherston Art Sale, and this year they are all planning to enter. “The Featherston Art Sale is a fantastic way to step out into the light if you’ve never shown your work before. We’re all so excited to be working towards it again this year,” said Sandie.
  • For more information: http://featherstoncommunity.org.nzFeatherstonart@gmail.com -Emily Greenberg 027 313 8042

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