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The Perfect Win-Win

June 18, 2019 June 2019 No Comments

“I hope this works!” A trust-building exercise on the Discovery Course. Photo courtesy of Discovery.

Challenges come in many different forms.   For the 200 people who entered the Skyline Challenge this year it was the opportunity to test themselves physically on South Wairarapa’s very hilly farmland.  Some rode, some ran and some walked.  There were tumbles, trips and probably some cussing but also a lot of satisfaction from making it to the finish line.

For the Martinborough Lions who created the event and run it each year, the challenge was to give entrants a great experience and to raise money for worthy local causes.  Working with just a small team of volunteers and with the help of Huri Huri they raised more than $4000.  “Helping the community is what Lions is all about.” says Event Coordinator Graeme Thomson “We are lucky to have such helpful farmers and generous sponsors.”

The Martinborough Youth Trust will be the immediate beneficiary.  Sue Sullivan and Pat Church set up this charitable trust to fund local teenagers on residential life skill courses.  So far they have helped over 70 young people. ”We chose the 13-18 age group because it is a formative time and having more tools to handle life’s challenges is really valuable.”  

“They try things they’ve never had to do before, and learn things they’re never taught at school.  Their future lives and their options really expand.   There’s a saying ‘If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you’ and that’s what comes through strongly when they get home again. It might mean getting on better with their parents, being able to negotiate instead of arguing, or developing trust when they have to work alongside new people.”  

The Trust welcomes applications from all teens.  “People sometimes think that we work with at-risk youth.  That’s not the case at all.    We know that every teen can struggle with the challenges of growing up and would find benefit from this opportunity.   We don’t impose any application criteria but obviously we like to help families who couldn’t fund this themselves. ” 

There you have it, the perfect win-win.   People pay to have fun, the Youth Trust benefits and Lions fulfil their mission to support the community.  How good is that?

You can contact the Martinborough Youth Trust via Pat Church, 306 8286 or 021 422 6369, patchurchnz@gmail.com

Lions can be contacted via Graeme Thomson, 306 8286, 021 0716 064, ga.thomson@xtra.co.nz


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