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Urinary Care

June 11, 2018 June2018 No Comments

Could your cat or dog have urinary issues?  

Lower Urinary tract disease (LUTD) is a general term used for various diseases that can affect your pet’s urinary tract, the body’s drainage system to remove wastes and excess water. 

There are a few urinary tract conditions that can affect your pet such as infection, bladder stones and incontinence. The common risk factors include stress, being overweight, certain foods and low water intake. Your pet could have a urinary disorder if it shows these common signs: accidents in the house, frequent attempts to urinate (can be mistaken for straining to defecate), blood in urine, frequent licking of the urinary opening or any signs of pain while urinating. Though this sounds equally painful for your pet and for your carpet there are ways of managing a urinary disorder. 

Treatment for LUTD involves bringing your pet into your local veterinary clinic for examination where a thorough history is taken. If required laboratory work which includes a urine and possibly blood tests may be needed. Sometimes it is helpful if you can bring a urine sample into the clinic at the time of your consult. Your vet will use these tools as well as a physical exam to determine the correct treatment.  The right food can help restore your pet’s health as it helps to dissolve stones and reduce mineral build up in the bladder. 

If your pet is not urinating freely or has a blockage (male cats especially), then this condition is urgent and could be fatal. Please call your local veterinary clinic immediately.

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