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Ventana three years on

March 15, 2019 March 2019 No Comments

It’s hard to believe it’s approaching the three year mark since Ventana opened its doors 7th of June 2016.  I’m proud to look back on several full years of sparking creativity and joy for our community as well as creating a platform for small artisan businesses local and abroad.  We’re very proud of all that we’ve achieved so far: 200 workshops taught, 7 community murals painted, more than 3,000 followers online, and we’ve hosted more than 26 individual and group art shows.

The artist “sell on behalf” side of the business has become a growing source of monthly revenue for many artists under the Ventana brand with record monthly payouts to our artists this summer.

Over the nearly three years we’ve gone from strength to strength with a superb team of Ventanaettes.  First with our very capable and organized Alice Bourdot, whom most will know from her new wonderful local watering hole Mesita.

Then our talented and creative Leah Creaven who has stepped in to grow Ventana and our artist community even more than before.  Supporting these lovely ladies have been an army of other beautiful friends and talented creatives in our community and I want to thank you all for the hard work you’ve put in to Ventana these past years.  It truly has become a collective of shared efforts making Ventana the place it is today, thank you to all of you for your support!

With the new year well upon us, and with the three year mark approaching, it is time for me to hand the Director baton on to a new face in the community.  Bec Reilly (many will know her from her wonderful succulent creations currently on display at Ventana) has stepped up to become the new face of Ventana.  Bec has come to us from Australia and brings tremendous energy and enthusiasm to our community.  She’s got a rich background full of teaching, working with her hands, children, animals and many years of working on stations in the Outback.

Bec will be changing the face of Ventana and focusing more on the events on our roster in the latter half of 2019.  Stay tuned for more schedule updates and event announcements to come.  Bec’s got a full after school and kids events schedule in development. 

Creative parties have become the fastest growing side of the business and Bec will continue to plan spectacular private events for our hens, birthdays, corporate and all other special occasions ahead.

Our regular creative community group has established itself and, as many of you already know, we’ve begun bringing our events out of the back room and in to many of our local establishments throughout the community.  Several town venues have partnered with us to deliver wonderful creative escapes and will continue to do so.  Watch our website for new workshops to come in May and beyond at many familiar local spots.

 On May 19th we will be saying goodbye to the 8 Kitchener St location, the lovely bright blue home of Ventana for the past three years.

Our website is going strong with event bookings and regular product sales so please continue to stay connected to us online.  www.ventanacreativecollective.co.nz

Thank you Martinborough and to the Wairarapa for all your support, here’s to much more creative fun ahead!


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