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We Are The Very Model Of A Modern University — The Back Story

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The story starts when fans of Marx, who died in 1883,
in 1884 began the Fabian Society
in honour of the man who made the plan that toppled Hannibal
— he was the very model of a major Roman general!

Their coat of arms: The Big Bad Wolf in clothing of the woolly sheep.
They cloaked themselves in cuddly brands to keep the people fast asleep:
progressive, Labour, liberal and social-this and social-that
— like democratic socialist and Green and social democrat!

In time they found The Big Bad Wolf a much too apt analogy
and thought a fighting tortoise more in keeping with their strategy
to slowly, imperceptibly, with protocols and covenants
emasculate the nations and impose a global governance.

Fast-forward thirty years and there was trouble like you’d never seen
with European nations as conflicted as they’d ever been
— advancing the objective of the Fabian Society
to get the West to wreck itself and spare them the anxiety!

Karl Marx had said a war would make the workers of the world unite,
but when the war was over seems he hadn’t been entirely right:
the Russians went entirely left and got the red and yellow stamp
— but other workers didn’t fancy living in a prison camp!

And like the lovely Leninists the Marxists were in quite a state
with countless other non-revolting peasants to reeducate;
they vilified the Snobs and told the Slobs that they were being oppressed
— and told the Snobs to pay them or they’d never give them any rest!

In Frankfurt and Columbia they built the Theory Critical
to criticise and demonise for purposes political
the winners who delivered them the fruits of the Enlightenment
— and fortify the losers with excuses of entitlement!

The sequel to The War To End All Wars ended in ‘45,
a red United Nations Stalin’s prize for helping peace arrive.
Us socialists and tribalists and Islamists and feminists
are working hard to lose the ‘s’ — assisted by our journalists!

It’s been a long march through the institutions but we’re nearly there:
the church is in our pocket and the media is very clear:
they’ve fought against the people with commendable verbosity
in running interference for a communist atrocity!

The teachers who were forced to teach the best things ever thought and said
are free to make exceptions when the writer’s male or white or dead.
Diversity demands we also teach the very worst, you see
— we are the very model of a modern university!

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