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Why Alex and I are taking a petition for Shirley Nightingale to the public

July 23, 2019 July2019 No Comments

We believe Shirley is being unjustly removed from her job as Martinborough Librarian by the SWDC.

We also believe Shirley is a great librarian and is the right person to run our library.

We hate to see injustice and I, having sighted earlier the letter SWDC sent to Shirley, believe they are being unreasonable and petty.

She is a caring, generous person and expresses our community values. We could name people who have been incapacitated and Shirley has delivered books to them in her own time, but more than this she has always gone the extra mile to help in any way she can.  

Also for our community she has been the “go to lady” who will listen, offer support,  help or just point people in the right direction. Then there are all her acts of kindness that go unremarked.

  • Shirley brings a sense of vibrancy and fun to the library. And all the staff at the library work as a great team under her leadership. She manages the library well.
  • She knows books, authors and is good at encouraging people to try new titles.
  • She is an amazing book purchaser, manages to have on the shelves, popular titles, yet also covers all the serious books as well

Shirley set up the ‘Friends of the Library’ group and the library book club which keeps people informed and involved with their local library. 

So our cry is Support Shirley and see her reinstated in her rightful place as head Librarian in the Martinborough Library.

This is our library!

The petition is available to sign in The Village Café

Medici Café

Kitchener’s Dairy

BP Garage

Other ways people can help are to send us their stories of support for Shirley. We will combine these and pass them on to SWDC.  Feel free to email them to us at: fightforshirley@gmail.com


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