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Youth Awards night

November 21, 2018 November 2018 No Comments

South Wairarapa Rotary held the biennial youth awards night at the South Wairarapa Workingmens’ club this month.

12 of South Wairarapa’s most inspirational youths were recognized with a plaque and small gift that acknowledged their outstanding achievements in their schools, workplaces, homes, and in the wider community.

Recipients were: Isla Alexander – Service to sport. 

Samson Dell – Leadership, sport.

Harvey Morison -Academic excellence. 

Joshua Oakly – Overcoming adversity, courage. 

Heidi Redfern – Academic excellence. 

Amberleigh Rose – Achievement in poetry and speech leadership. 

A J Southy – Achievement, performing arts, leadership. 

William Taber – Achievement in music, leadership. 

Danielle Turton – Achievement , sport. 

Cohen Walford – Making a difference. 

Alex Walshe – Overcoming adversity, achievement in dance.

 Jarrod Yee – Achievement in sport, leadership.. 

Scott Donaldson, recently returned from his record-breaking solo Kayak crossing of the Tasman Sea, was keynote speaker and was on hand to present the awards.

Scott emphasised the importance of preparation and tenacity and encouraged the awardees to ‘hold their heads up and be proud of themselves’ as those celebrating their achievements were also proud of them.

Martinborough Fair/bursaries

The Martinborough Fair preparations are under way ready for February and March next year.  Last year’s fair raised over $90,000 for distribution in the Wairarapa and internationally. Four Bursaries have been made available from those funds, allowing up to four very deserving students to be selected from 10 applicants to undertake tertiary studies.  Applications for bursaries can be made at swrotary.org.nz.  Applications for other forms of community funding made possible by this very successful fund-raiser can also be found on our website (swrotary.org.nz).

Rotary Young Leaders Awards

This program offers mentoring and training for youths between the ages of 18-24 years of age who exhibit leadership potential and would benefit from the exposure and encouragement available at this influential course. It is expected that employers and colleges would nominate people but we would be keen to hear from anyone who has an inspirational youth to nominate. (Applications via website close 26th October)

Science Forum

Each year, Rotary sponsors a student to the New Zealand Science Forum. We have a successful candidate already and we are looking forward to hearing all about his experiences at the forum.

Innovative Young Minds

The Innovative Young Minds (IYM) program is designed to encourage young women to explore science, technology, engineering, mathematics and high-tech manufacturing – fields we call the STEMM sector. The week-long residential program is open to female Year 11 and Year 12 students, and runs during the July school holidays each year.  This year, South Wairarapa Rotary sponsored two young women and we are looking forward to hearing about their experiences at the course soon.

Photo caption: (back row) Cohen Walford, Heidi Redfern, A J Southey,  Scott Donaldson, Jarrod Yee, Harvey Morison. (front) Joshua Oakly, William Taber, Samson Dell, Isla  Alexander, Daniel Turton, Alex Walsh.   

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