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Maths can be fun

May 15, 2019 May 2019 Comments Off on Maths can be fun

If you’re like me, the word “maths” might conjure up an image of a big blackboard covered in scary looking numbers and symbols.   But I am hoping my attitude is going to change on Sunday May the 26th.  That’s because there’s an amazing event coming to Martinborough that day and it’s designed to make maths fun and fascinating for everybody, young and old.  The keynote speaker, Eugenia Cheng, who’s a musician and mathematician says it is her mission to rid the world of “maths phobia”.

“How’s that going to happen?“ you might be asking.  Well, the organisers of Mathscraft know that maths is everywhere in daily life but most of us just don’t recognise we are using it.   They decided to get crafty. Literally.  They are providing hands-on, practical activities to demonstrate mathematical ideas.  

Think origami, knots, or French knitting.    It’s a chance to get playful and creative.  “This is what a genuine maths experience is like” says Dr Phil Wilson, one of the organisers.  “Even if you don’t understand the maths behind the activity you will still be able to do it.”  That’s reassuring as I am sure I wouldn’t recognise a hyperbolic plane, a fractal sculpture, a Möbius strip or a dodecahedron if it hit me between the eyes.  I hope that will all change after the event. … Continue Reading

Round the Vines raises $40,000

May 15, 2019 May 2019 Comments Off on Round the Vines raises $40,000

Round the vines continues  going from strength to strength.  Now over 24 years on and the whole experience is still being thoroughly enjoyed  by everyone involved.

This year 1,500  competitors took part which will give a profit in excess of $40,000. This is an amazing amount of money which is tagged to go towards the school’s multi purpose turf which will be able to be started sooner than had been anticipated.

Behind every event there is an amazing band of organisers and support crew. Without the commitment and organisation of Keri Titherington, Ngahuia Barrs, Viv Malneek, Rachel Griffiths, Ange Sweeney and Hayley Brandon the event certainly would have struggled to be anywhere near as successful

The school certainly appreciated the time and energy which goes into the  organisation Alongside the main organisers there is a band of helpers too numerous to mention individually: set up crews, registration desk, track organisers, drinks  crews, marshals and photographers who are all integral to the running of the event. 

The we have the generous businesses that donate so much to the event – the prizes are amazing. The use of the vineyards make this such a unique fundraiser – we are certainly the envy of many a school community.

2020 will be the 25th anniversary of the event and we look forward to another hugely successful day. 

Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive:  ‘It’s always so well organised and the support crew  are funny and friendly. It’s a pleasure to do this event’ 

‘Really fantastic event. I’ll definitely be back. Loved the entertainment and the fact that the school’s kids were involved

‘It’s the sense of community – that the teachers are serving at  the drinks stands and  thanking everyone for their contribution to the school. You really feel part of something’.


May 15, 2019 May 2019 Comments Off on WHAT’S UP WITH THE RED CROSS?

The short answer to that is … plenty. Red Cross has been much in the news recently with the revelation that one of its nurses working with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Syria, has been missing since 2013. Louisa Akavi with six of her companions had been abducted then, and this sad situation is made all the worse for us because she is a New Zealander. NZ Red Cross Secretary General Niamh Lawless in an online release to members said: ‘Louisa has dedicated her life to those affected by war and violence, and she went to Syria because people needed her. She wanted to use her skills to make a difference for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.’ An experienced nurse and midwife, Louisa has been working with the organisation since 1987 when she was deployed to Malaysia to help Vietnamese refugees. Syria was her 17th field mission, and she has always been well aware of the risks and dangers faced in the interests of helping people in need. 

Her story is just one of many examples of people who belong to the Red Cross. In Martinborough the Group members, although not facing such danger or extreme circumstances, are still united in their wish to help people. 

Red Cross activities have changed and increased radically since its inception in the 1860s; inspired by a vision of Genevan born Jean Henri Dunant; who was appalled by the sufferings of wounded soldiers in the Battle of Solferino, and afterwards dedicated his life to ensure they would never occur again. In 1862, he wrote a book entitled “A Memory of Solferino”, which outlined his idea to foster the creation of a world-wide society for the relief of the military wounded. And so the ‘Red Cross’ was born. Each year, the Society all over the world use Dunant’s birthday (8th May) to have a birthday of its own. Here in town, we do too; and will be having a mini celebration outside Pain & Kershaw’s store. Look out for our balloons and festive table and have a piece of delicious cake. We are not requesting donations, by the way; it’s a party and a way of remembering our mission statement ‘Always Needed, Always There’. The date is WEDNESDAY 8th MAY, from about 10a.m. See you there!

Maree Roy (Co-ordinator)

ph 3069319/0274329634

email maree.greenfrog@gmail.com.

Wharekaka News

May 15, 2019 May 2019 Comments Off on Wharekaka News

Who knew that coffee and scones could miraculously turn into a wheelchair??

This doesn’t actually happen, but the profits from the Wharekaka Auxiliary Pop Up Cafe at the recent Martinborough Fair , are being put towards the purchase of a new all -terrain wheelchair for use by residents.

Most of you will know of the very successful tea rooms that the local Lions have run for many years at the fairs. Last year and this, they have very generously given Wharekaka the opportunity to run one of these, in order to generate much needed funds.

This year we operated our Pop up Cafe at the March fair and were thrilled with the amount realised.

We have previously purchased an all terrain wheelchair and this has proved to be so useful that we have ordered a second larger version for some of our taller residents.

Once again we are extremely grateful to the Lions for giving us this opportunity. It is wonderful to see charitable organisations working together for the good of the community.

So next time you eat a scone, just imagine it turning into a wheelchair taking an elderly person somewhere they couldn’t normally go.


Thanks to our sponsors

The Martinborough Football Club held the P+K Marty Masters Se7ens on the 31 October, and it was a huge success. Thanks to all our amazingly generous sponsors; P+K Martinborough, Mitre10 Martinborough, Cool Change, The Claremont Hotel, Top10 Holiday Park Martinborough, Martinborough Vineyard,  Circus Cinema, Ata Rangi, HealthFit, Physio Spot, Dry …

Martinborough Golf Report

At the end of October we held the finals of the Club Championships in near perfect conditions.  In the Seniors Division Tony Russo took on Lance Phelps with Tony shooting a magnificent 63 in the morning round and continuing that form into the afternoon, finally winning on the 25th hole.  …

Martinborough Golf Report

Another very busy month at the Golf Club which began with the Mens 54/36 Hole Open.  The players had to endure some very windy conditions on the Saturday but fortunately the weather was a lot kinder on the Sunday.  Winners of the 54 Hole Division were:  Best Gross Owen Lloyd, …

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