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Dwayne Duthie: Double Edge Sword

November 3, 2023 November 2023 No Comments

A new exhibition, by Taranaki-based artist Dwayne Duthie (Taranaki, Te Ātiawa, Pākehā) is at Aratoi this spring. The exhibition is toured by Taranaki’s regional public art gallery, Percy Thomson Gallery.

Double Edge Sword is Duthie’s fourth solo show and the first one outside his home region of Taranaki.

“I’ve always loved messing around with art, but for a long time I never thought about being an artist, I started because I loved it and it had always felt therapeutic. I decided to pick up a paint-brush and follow my passion, I wanted to make art _ not just solely hang it.”

Dwayne says that his paintings have definitely evolved over those six years, starting off experimenting with impressionism and expressionism, “but now it really borders form and abstraction!” he laughs. 

He has been developing new digital artworks recently and is excited to see them in the exhibition alongside his paintings and sculptures. “Each work tells a story, but they all relate to each other so it’s exciting for people to see the work altogether.”

The work in Double Edge Sword represents his ideas and thoughts on the intricacies of the human condition, survival, and existence. The works often carry an implied narrative and story. 

Huge expressive paintings, created with bold strokes using enamel and acrylic, captivate viewers through the clever use of repeated mark making, serving as points of contemplation, inviting reflection on the complexities of humanity and our shared reality.

The exhibition features 17 works, 11 from his previous exhibition in the Percy Thomson Gallery in Taranaki alongside six new works, two of which are new sculptures that are continuations from previous works.

“I have six paintings that I’ve created with enamel-based paint. They are a mix of expressionist,   realism and abstraction. Most paintings also have a sculpture that accompanies it. Within these works lays the double edge sword.”

Laura Campbell, director from Taranaki’s Percy Thomson Gallery is proud to see Dwayne’s exhibition heading to Wairarapa, “We are proud to support one of the region’s emerging artists in his first solo touring exhibition. 

“We are excited to work with Aratoi in supporting an incredibly talented, hardworking young artist with a great future ahead of him. We can’t wait for the arts community in Masterton to see Duthie’s works up-close.” she says.

Dwayne Duthie’s sculptures are often found materials alongside traditional sculptural elements such as cotton sheets, old paintbrushes, wood, clay, plaster, and even dirt.

These sculptures stand as powerful symbols, embodying both fragility and resilience in their form.

Dwayne is thrilled about exhibiting at Aratoi, visiting the Wairarapa and engaging with the huge art community in the region. 

“Big city galleries are a goal, but I do love the regional galleries; they provide so much opportunity to grow. Wairarapa reminds me of home. I’m excited to visit again.”

He hopes to encourage some new generation artists to have a go exhibiting their work in galleries. 

“I hope that the younger artists in the region are inspired and that I can show them that they are capable to accomplish solo shows too. You don’t always need to be hugely experienced or have decades of years of work under their belt to begin with. Have confidence in your work, your ability, your knowledge of what you create and communicate _ just give it a go.”

Dwayne Duthie: Double Edge Sword is showing at Aratoi 28 October – 3 December.

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