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Regional Council notes

November 21, 2018 November 2018 No Comments

Mark will be missed

Greater Wellington Regional Council lost a champion recently with the death of local farmer Mark Lovett.  Mark had been the Chairman of the Lower Valley Development Scheme for more years than anyone could accurately remember and in that role had steered the committee through some big decisions.

At first glance Mark was the epitome of the singlet and gumboot wearing cow cocky.  He had a bit of a drawl that sometimes hinted at a Fred Dagg type character but actually his laid back way of going about things hid a very sharp mind and an even sharper wit.

Both the Regional Council staff and his fellow committee members had huge respect for Mark because he was a genuinely nice guy who wanted to make sure that decisions were made for the right reasons.  He didn’t buy into personality disputes and he had no time for those who attacked the person rather than the problem at hand.

The Lower Valley Scheme has some big challenges to face in the future as resource consents come up for renewal under a post Treaty Settlement regime and new environmental standards being demanded by central government.  Mark had been looking forward to the challenge of managing competing interests and finding a way forward through compromise.  He knew the importance of the Scheme to landowners but recognised that the goal posts had shifted when it came to environmental concerns.

We all knew that Mark had been sick for a while but he still came to meetings whenever he could and he never lost his sense of humour.  It was probably his ability to laugh at himself that covered up just how ill he really was.  We all thought he would make it but sadly it wasn’t to be.

Mark’s family have lost a husband, father, brother and uncle.  Their loss will be huge.  As for the Lower Valley Development Scheme; well we’ve lost a really good bloke.

Adrienne Staples


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