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Know your town

May 23, 2018 May 2018, Regular Features Comments Off on Know your town

Deer stalking around Martinborough

New Zealand is indebted to Prince Albert for donating some of Windsor Park’s Deer to this country in 1862. Six red deer were forwarded by the New Zealand Agent in London, a Stag and two hinds for Canterbury and the same number for Wellington. Unfortunately a Stag and Hind died on the way and so  they all ended up in Wellington in 1863.

C R carter took possession of them and had them delivered to his Wairarapa property by W Hastwell where  James Robieson was put in charge of their care. John Martin obtained breeding stock from them for his Puratanga property where they flourished . From time to time animals escaped and took off into the bush of the Mungaraki ranges and then down into the Haurangi ranges.

A public notice gazetted April 1886: ‘Only stags and bucks may be shot in the Wellington/Wairarapa District between  April 10th and  May 10th 1886’ Over the next ten years the Acclinatisiation Society  went into the ranges beyond Martinborough to secure  young fawns  for government  liberation  in the Waikaremoana and Manawatu. These along with stock from John Martin’s property. … Continue Reading

Did you know

May 23, 2018 May 2018, Regular Features Comments Off on Did you know

THE ANNUAL Jazz in Martinborough festival will be held this year from Thursday 30 August to Sunday 2 September. Full details to follow in next month’s edition!”

MR MUSEUM, Mate Higginson, is no longer on the museum’s Trust Board. His position has ended after over twenty five years serving on the Board and its preceding Museum Management  Committee. 

SCIENTISTS at Portsmouth University have discovered an enzyme which breaks down plastic bottles. A possible solution to the million plastic bottles which are sold every minute – with only 14% being recycled. 

SINCE 1950 India’s GDP has increased  five fold. Japan’s eleven fold and China’s twenty fold. … Continue Reading

Dear Dr Jane

May 23, 2018 May 2018, Regular Features Comments Off on Dear Dr Jane

I am becoming increasingly annoyed at my teenage daughter who spends her entire day on her phone and refuses to help in any way around the house.  On the odd occasion she might do the dishes but complain bitterly before, during and after.  It’s just easier to do them myself.  She then expects her father and I to pay for everything, including her phone.  Is there anything I can do to make her help around the house more and spend less time on her phone?

Fed Up

Dear Fed Up

Teenagers should seriously come with a health warning.  I would recommend everyone who parents a teenager to read up about human development, because there are some very important biological and psychological milestones that occur in adolescence.   Understanding these can help parents comprehend why their angelic child has suddenly turned into someone as appealing as toothache.  … Continue Reading

Country Dog City Dog

May 23, 2018 May 2018, Regular Features Comments Off on Country Dog City Dog