Martinborough Music Festival

Teddy Tahu Rhodes – Bass Baritone Martinborough Music Festival Friday 23 – 25 September Martinborough Town Hall This year’s Festival will feature another classical singer as part of the programme of concerts – NZ Bass Baritone, Teddy Tahu Rhodes. (The previous singer to feature was soprano, Jenny Wollerman in 2019).  …

 Blue and Yellow Cupcakes for Ukraine.

After watching the news on Ukraine and seeing the soldiers desperately trying to protect their homeland, Willow Kershaw wanted to do something to help. The idea of a lunchtime BBQ with a sausage sizzle and selling baking on the last day of school was put into action. Willow approached Mr …

A Community led project

The Waiohine River Plan is a document that should draw the attention of anyone that has even a slight interest in local government wherever their location. Recently adopted by Greater Wellington Regional Council on 7 April, this plan has its roots back in the late 1990s when investigations on the …

Trial may ease coastal community’s battle against erosion         

Cape Palliser Road winds its way along one of the wildest stretches of coast in the world. A dramatic rise in severe weather conditions in recent years have also increased the number of road closures at the Cape, cutting off residents and creating expensive damage.  It’s an ideal environment for …

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2022 Turf Tips

February 14, 2022 February 2022 Comments Off on 2022 Turf Tips

Well, 2022 is off to a flying start in the Challenge Stakes with ‘Covid Omicron’ the front runner at this stage.  Only half a head behind is ‘New Zealand Economy’ with ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Social Inequity’ a length further back.  At the tail of the field and struggling to stay with the main bunch is ‘Local Government’ although one has to admire the staying power.  ‘Local Government’ definitely looks like it’s struggling with track conditions. 

‘Covid Omicron’ has been the favourite pick for some time although there is still speculation over his actual abilities.  What is known is that he is a descendent of the well known ‘Covid Delta’ who won a great many Challenge Stakes overseas but was for the most part, prevented from racing in New Zealand.

‘Covid Delta’ is still seen at smaller meets however ‘Covid Omicron’ has been proven to be much faster, harder to beat than his predecessor and definitely bred for the conditions.

‘New Zealand Economy’ has been a star performer on many different tracks although there is now some doubt being cast of over her soundness given the rough going at present. 

It appears as if ‘New Zealand Economy’ may have had undisclosed additives in her feed and with supply chain problems these additives are increasingly hard to find.  Given the Challenge Stakes is a long-distance race one wonders if ‘New Zealand Economy’ will actually make it to the end? … Continue Reading

The greater enemy?

February 14, 2022 February 2022 Comments Off on The greater enemy?

Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than evil,” wrote Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German theologian. 

Bonhoeffer pondered how this came to be. He thought about the nature of evil, but came to the conclusion it was not evil itself that was the most dangerous enemy of the good. Rather, it was stupidity. For you can fight against evil. Evil gives people a queasy feeling in the stomach. As Bonhoeffer continued, “evil carries with itself the seeds of its own destruction.” To prevent willful malice, you can always erect barriers to stop its spread. Against stupidity you are defenseless. …

Herd behavior is among the pre-eminent causes of stupidity. Numerous scientific studies have shown how individual humans can be swayed by the crowd to adopt positions which go against all logic. In a classic examination of human folly, psychologist Solomon Asch looked at how individual people respond to the majority group around them.

Do they conform to the group’s view? Or do they strike out on their own contrarian (but ultimately correct) path? The results were incredibly telling for showing how stupidity arises. In the course of the 12 experiments on conformity, around 75% of the participants conformed to the majority view at least once.

“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Sweet success –  over $4,000 raised for Wharekaka

February 14, 2022 February 2022 Comments Off on Sweet success –  over $4,000 raised for Wharekaka

Tough times call for creative thinking – especially when it comes to fundraising. So a big shout out goes to the Wharekaka Auxiliary who baked an amazing array of Christmas goodies as a fundraiser for Wharekaka Aged Care Facility. 

Unable to hold their popular annual Christmas stall at the TK Farmers Market (on hold this summer), the Auxiliary took their delicious Christmas treats online, baking to emailed orders.  An ad in the Martinborough Star (November issue) prompted a flood of orders from our local community.

At the final count,  the Auxiliary baked 57 Christmas cakes, 552 meringues, 400 shortbread, 720 mince pies, 348 cheese sables, and 763 ricciarelli. 

“Wharekaka Trust Board were thrilled to see this initiative was so successful, raising $4000 for Wharekaka in difficult times.  Congratulations to the Auxiliary and their amazing team of helpers.  We are also very fortunate to have a really supportive community who clearly enjoy sweet treats and rushed to buy them,” says Wharekaka Trust Board Chair, Joy Cooper


February 14, 2022 February 2022 Comments Off on SOUTH WAIRARAPA REBUS CLUB

The South Wairarapa Rebus Club starts its new year with a meeting on 28 January addressed by John Beijen on his time in China before and during the arrival of Covid 19. Under current Covid conditions vaccine certificates are required to attend the meeting. Our 25 February meeting includes our AGM, to be followed by a guest speaker. Special Interest groups for folk in the retired age bracket are reconvening in February.

The South Wairarapa Rebus Club meets in the South Wairarapa Working Men’s Club on the fourth Friday morning of each month and organises an outing in those months with a fifth Friday. Anyone in the retired age group who may be interested in SW Rebus Club is welcome to come along to a meeting as a visitor.  Please contact David Woodhams 306 8319.


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Roll the Jack

With Rozanna Muriwai, as the new president of the Martinborough Bowling Club, the Club is humming. “When we returned from Bahrain 2 years ago, we wandered down to the Bowling Green to check it out. Both my husband and I love bowling, says Rozanna. We joined. The social side of …

Rare mother – daughter success at South Wairarapa Karate Club

The South Wairarapa Okinawan Goju Ryu karate club is continuing to grow in both numbers and achievements, and it was great to see two Martinborough locals recently achieve their Shodan (blackbelts) in September this year. Mother and daughter, Clare and Bonnie Miller,  travelled to Dunedin with Senpai Anna Borjesson and …

Sibling Rivalry

It’s not often that two members of the same family compete for the winning place in the Womens’ Silver Golf Championships. But that is just what took place at the Martinborough Golf Club Sunday 7th November.  Debbie Donaldson and Anna Posseniskie, the daughters of Viv and Martin Napier, went head …

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