The mighty green and black

Its been a long time coming, 28 years in fact but Martinborough are proud holders of the Tui Cup!!  Our Premier team won against Gladstone in a close entertaining game 36-32.  It felt like the whole town was at the game and the support was heard and noticed by the …

Emergency power and water for Health Centre

You may have noticed the brand new, bright blue generator and 3000L water tank installed outside the back of the Health Centre.  This is the result of our latest project preparing for emergency situations.  The generator is a 6 cylinder diesel powered Cummins, capable of delivering 80kw three phase power …

NZSO Concertmaster in Line-up for Martinborough Music Festival

“A curvy Italian lady with a rounded belly and back”.   No, not the description of some valuable Rubenesque masterpiece but rather, the Gioffredo Cappa Violin, made in Italy in 1692 and played by Vesa-Matti Leppänen, the Concertmaster of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO). Worth over $500,000, the violin …

Venue Partners Contribute to Community of Cool

“One of the outstanding features of Jazz in Martinborough over the last nine years has been the invaluable contribution made to the ongoing success of the festival by our venue partners.  They are an integral part of our Community of Cool,” says festival producer Ted Preston. Each year the cafes, …

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June 18, 2019 June 2019, Regular Features Comments Off on FIRE BRIGADE REPORT 

Rob and Emily at the Sky Tower.

Another month has raced by, the brigade has been kept busy mainly with Medical Response and Rescue calls along with a couple of Fire calls relating mainly to smoke or fires that have started from fireplace ashes. If you are disposing of ashes we recommend a metal bucket left for 36 – 48 hours sitting well away from structures and vegetation, before disposal (wood ash is great for your garden or compost). 

On Saturday the 18th of May Firefighters Robert Brown, Emily Abbot and Zoe Sinclair from the Martinborough Brigade completed the Sky Tower Challenge 2019 along with Firefighters from around New Zealand. This unique event is where Firefighters race up 1103 steps (51 flights of stairs) of the Sky Tower  while carrying over 25kg of Firefighting gear all to raise money for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand. Rob, 

Emily and Zoe want to thank all the generous supporters around Martinborough town who dropped their spare change in our helmets that were placed around town and to those who donated online. Thanks to you all we contributed around a $1000 for the cause. Without support  of the Martinborough community this event wouldn’t be possible, we are so humbled to compete for such a great cause and have already started training for next year!  Looking for a challenge like this ….Keep a look out for our recruitment coming soon, some exciting new things are about to happen. 

Changing of the Guard

June 18, 2019 June 2019 Comments Off on Changing of the Guard

The end of May saw us gather for the Business Association AGM where we celebrated the years achievements.

Support was given to:

Dark Sky

Phasing out of single use plastic bags

Wairarapa Chamber of Commerce trainings and buy local campaign and the Summer of Cycling

Council discussions and representations included:

Showers for cyclists

Issues with Liquor licenses, food safety plans, parking, water

Held a member only meeting with council over first water crisis

Advised recruiter of our needs in the new CEO

Focused initiatives included:

New Association logo and the buy local campaign

New Membership Website

CCTV for the village centre

Cycle racers away from centre of village

We also said farewell to Peter Couchman who has decided its time to hand on the baton to new Chair Allan Hogg. Committee member Conor Kershaw commented ‘It has been great having Pete to lead the MBA over the past 2 years. He has lifted the bar with his engagement with partners of the MBA such as the South Wairarapa District Council  and the Wairarapa Chamber of Commerce. I am excited to see where Allan can help lead the MBA in the future. … Continue Reading

Saturday Sewing Bees 

June 18, 2019 June 2019 Comments Off on Saturday Sewing Bees 

As requested, we have put together a new series of sewing events for the winter months ahead. Come and enjoy the warmth of conversation and the sound of productivity every third Saturday from 10 – 12 at Thunderpants workroom 42 Naples Street.      

Not only productive, there are health benefits from sewing. The gentle humming of a sewing machine is said to relieve stress and encourage mindfulness. And, like many creative endeavors, sewing increases dopamine in the brain, which makes you feel more positive.    

If you’d like to learn to sew, we can help, sewing a reusable shopping bag is very simple and the finished product satisfying. If you can sew and you have your own machine, bring it along and join in the buzz!

June 15th, July 20th, August 17th.

News from First Church

June 18, 2019 June 2019, Regular Features Comments Off on News from First Church

Have we not the knowledge that can feed each child,
shelter every family, and nations reconcile?
Can we not find reasons to reach out and share –
all because we care
Gretta Vosper2017

The 11th Annual Martinborough Mid-Winter Monster Book Fair is nearly here!

Dates: Friday, Saturday and Sunday  14th, 15th and 16th June at the Waihenga Centre Martinborough Town Hall

This year’s  Fair will get off to a splendid start on the Friday evening at 7pm with our 

Guest Speaker – the wonderful much-loved Children’s storyteller and inspirational writer Joy Cowley. For $20 you can enjoy her talk, a supper and the opportunity to have the first choice of the books.  

There will be free entry to the Fair from 10am to 4pm on the Saturday, and 10am to 2pm on Sunday.

It’s not too late to sort out books to donate  – the First Church hall on Weld Street will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to receive books of all kinds, also jigsaws and DVDs. Books may also be left at the Library, Pain & Kershaw Ltd or the Pirinoa Store. For help and information contact Pam Colenso 306 9503 Carol Hawkins 306 9112

This is now an established and popular Martinborough event which can be viewed as a very worthy recycling of recreational, inspirational and educational material.

        Whatever the weather  –    See you there!


The mighty green and black

Its been a long time coming, 28 years in fact but Martinborough are proud holders of the Tui Cup!!  Our Premier team won against Gladstone in a close entertaining game 36-32.  It felt like the whole town was at the game and the support was heard and noticed by the …

Martinborough Golf Round-Up

As we pass into our final month of Winter with Spring creeping ever closer, it’s always uplifting to see lambs in the paddocks – especially when they’re appreciating a beautiful day of sunshine of which we have been lucky to enjoy several in July. By in large the golf hasn’t …

Martinborough Ladies’ Hockey Club

The Martinborough Ladies Hockey Club are having a successful season in the Women’s 2 grade this year. Having retained most of last years’ players and gaining a few new younger ones, the team has managed to win more games this season. Team morale is high with playoffs upon us, with …

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