Behind the Scenes at the Martinborough Music Festival

Until he took on the role of Chair of the Martinborough Music Festival Ed Allen thought he had a good sense of what was involved in putting on such an event.  After all he’d performed professionally as a French Horn player all over the world.  “Not so”, he says now.  …

A lively, healthy community 

The Rapaki Walk summit is a beautiful place to celebrate achievement.  In late October, 11 walkers looked down over the village and Te Muna Road as they marked the first birthday of their Walking Group, part of the Martinborough Healthy Community Project. Every Friday morning for a year the group …

Christmas Parade continues with Christmas Magic in Martinborough

There is nothing quite so magical as Christmas, so two years ago Fiona Couchman launched the Christmas Magic in Martinborough Show to create awareness and gifts for children in need in our local community. While she took a break last year to do some gifting of her own donating her …

Community Garden News 

 Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ —Robin Williams Spring is indeed a wonderful time in the garden, and the Community Garden is no exception. Summer hours: Wednesday and Sunday 10am-12noon Our spring planting is well underway, and we seem to have chased away the winter blights and vermin. …

Recent Articles:

Book review

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Utopia for realists – Bullshit jobs

 ‘And now for something completely different’ (to borrow a Monty Python phrase) , in this case a double review. Each of these books is based on the John Maynard Keyes’ 1930 prediction than by this century everybody would be working a fifteen hour week. The predicted rise in production has happened , but everybody remains working as in the 1930s so why has Keyes’  prediction not come about? they ask.

Utopia for realists  ‘ This book is brilliant. Everyone should read it’ is Richard Wilkinson, author of The Spirit Level’s , assessment of  Utopia for realist – and I agree with him.  Author Rutger Bregman is a leading Dutch philosopher and economist who spells out a new way forward from the long held and debated Left/Right stances with fresh thinking and evidence based arguments. … Continue Reading

From the Regional Council

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Climate change has been the subject of arguments for a good many years now.  Initially the disagreement centred on whether or not it was actually happening.  Then, when the massive weather events worldwide seemed to solidly support the affirmative, the contention moved to whether humans had anything to do with it or not.  Now, even that is largely accepted although some will challenge just how much impact man is having on the cyclical climate patterns.

If we put all the arguments to one side however, and accept that our weather will be different in the future; the questions we need to answer are, how different and what do we need to do to adapt?

While the answer to the first may seem a bit like crystal ball gazing it is possible to make informed comment by looking at weather pattern trends and modelling the outcomes.  To help with this Greater Wellington Regional Council has worked with NIWA and the latest report on climate drivers and impacts is out.   … Continue Reading

Country Dog City Dog

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Local Rebrand

June 12, 2018 June2018 Comments Off on Local Rebrand

The Martinborough Business Association (MBA) has been working through a rebranding exercise  with the new brand being launched at the MBA AGM last week. You’ll start seeing it around the village and is the backbone for the new MBA website that is under construction as well as giving members a quality brand they can use as part of their own marketing.  The comprehensive rebranding exercise has been completed by our local design duo DustyandLulu. 

There were four options presented to the committee. After plenty of robust debate the committee chose to go with the typographic brand option to ensure Martinborough represents more than just wine. The various ‘M’ letterforms showcases the diversity and creativity of our village. 

The brand is strong and versatile. It ties in the angles of Memorial Square and the lines symbolise the vines and fences that make up our wonderful town and with the emphasis being on our towns name. The word ‘Local’ is also a key part of the brand strategy to help express our unique experience, invigorate our community and build local pride. 

The use of the phrase ‘wine village’ was also carefully considered. The MBA represents far more than wine but it is our point of difference for national and international marketing. Wine is what has put us on the map and what has attracted most people initially to our village, it certainly is the reason for being of many businesses in the village. 

For more information on the brand strategy and what the MBA can offer you please get in touch on